Stage 3

Jolly Roger Bay

Stage 3


The first door from the right on the ground floor of the castle. The door is marked with 3 stars. One of the secret stars is inside this room.


star ONE
After the giant eel swim out from the ship, swim into the ship through that hole. Then open the 4 chests in sequence, and collect the star in the yellow ! box.

Entrance Chest sequence
star TWO
Catch the star at the tail of the giant eel after it swims out from its place.
star THREE
Swim passes the underwater tunnel. Go to open the 4 chests in order.
Chest sequence
star FOUR
Collect 8 red coins.

star FIVE
Shoot Mario from cannon to the left most stone spike, climb to the top and jump to the platform to get the star.

aim for star 5 star 5
star SIX
Turn Mario into Metal Mario. Then dive into the water as soon as possible and walk to the star where bubbles are coming out under it.
star in bubbles

coin Max number of coins = 104
The blue block is just after passing the underwater tunnel.

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