Stage 4

Cool, Cool Mountain

Stage 4


Enter the second door on the left of the stairway. The door is marked with 3 star. The picture in the center is the correct one.


star ONE
Fall into the chimney and finish the ice-sliding course. Note: there is a secret passage at the wall after the first few bends.

star TWO
Pick up the baby penguin on the top of the mountain and bring it back to the parent penguin at the bottom of the mountain outside the house. There is another baby penguin on the roof of the house; however, this is not the required one.
baby penguinparent penguin
star THREE
Fall into the chimney and race with a penguin. It will grant Mario a star when Mario wins. However, it will not give a star if Mario use the secret passage.

star FOUR
Collect 8 red coins.

The star is at the other end of this bridge. Yahoo-jump across the gap.

star FIVE
After Mario get star 4, talk to the big snowball at the top of the mountain. Then slide down the mountain as usual to another snowball with a face. Make sure Mario slides faster than the rolling snow ball to the standing snow ball. Actually, Mario is leading the rolling snowball to reach its head - the standing snowball just before the bridge with the two jumping snowmans. They become a big snowman and grant Mario a star.

snow ball (body) snow ball (face) snowman
star SIX
Shoot Mario from the cannon nearest to the house at the bottom of the mountain. After passing a very narrow path and a big gap, perform wall-jump to collect the last star in this stage.
Star 6

coin Max number of coins = 154
When Mario reach the U-turn while sliding down from the top of the mountain, try to slow down before the U-turn and jump over to the other side for the blue block.

The broken bridge at the top of the mountain can transfer Mario to the L-shape bridge to the right of the house at the bottom.

warp at top warp at bottom

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