My Unreal content

My contributions to collaborative works:

  • I made a well received map called Lethargy for The Descent:
  • I've done significant work for Steele Dawn rework.
  • I did most of the work on the rework of UT assault maps called Forfeited Alliance:
  • I did some rework, contributed original maps (mainly Skaarj Fortress - Inner Dwellings and Skaarj Fortress - Command Center), and tested the Unreal PSX: Rise of Jrath rework:
  • I made two exclusive maps and worked on other maps for Dark Earth (unreleased):
  • I did some coding and mesh fixes for Unreal HD Skins.

 Map Ver Description 
 The lava pump
(old version)
 227i A mine/factory themed level. Lots of pointless corridors, dynamic zones, and big killing rotating things. More than 130 movers and some custom actors. The map supports real crouching. The map may work in coop, but for me it crashes in a weird way so I can't even test it. The map was designed to perform well on even the worst PCs.

Honestly, in retrospective, this is probably my purest work. The most "yrex" work.
  • It came into being completely organically, during natural bursts of creativity amplified by trance/techno music, I didn't force myself. Such bursts were rare, and they were a culmination of ideas from many years.
  • It wasn't made for anyone's project, I had complete artistic and technical control.
  • It isn't based on any existing work. It's not a remake of any map. It's purely original work.
  • It was my first release, so I wasn't influenced by what is "wanted" by the community. I just did purely what I wanted.
 Old Soledad remake
 Unreal 97 mutator
 HUD fix for JCoopZ
 226 This consists of two things that should be used together for best effect. The first one is a remake of Soledad based on the old screenshots. The second one is a mutator that makes the game behave more like the mid-late 1997 builds (0.867-0.88). It's not a faithful conversion of a particular build, but rather best stuff taken from each  1 2 3 4 5
 Acerak remake (-ish) 227i A semi-faithful remake of the unleaked beta map. Includes remakes of the screenshots and lots of new stuff. Essentially, it's a bunch of random corridors and traps with 'Temple' stamped on it. (Although that probably shouldn't be surprising.) Besides that, there's new music, and there are also some areas with different types of challenges than what you usually see in stock Unreal. 1 2 3 4
 '96 SkyCity remake 227i The gray stone looking '96 level reconstruction based on available screenshots and videos. Also with more or less faithful remakes of the textures. Use software rendering in 16 bits for best experience (If the game lags too much, do "set early96hud bPattern 0" and "set early96hud bCaustics 0").

There's no gameplay this time. Just walk around the level to satisfy your '96 thirst. You can also throw around the "fireballs" if you want. My goal wasn't to create something playable, but rather to create some material for a possible '96 beta remake. (The levels are what's missing the most, after all.)

You can use the level or its parts (e.g. the textures) for whatever you want.
 1 2 3 4
 Crypt Pyramid 227i A.k.a. Unreal 1996 remake. Contains four original '96 maps by John Anderson, reworked and finished, and one new map. There are also '96 weapons, monsters, HUD, physics, etc. 1 2 3 4
 The Old Town 227i A reconstruction of Eric Reuter's lost dark-themed SkyCity map(s). Then I got more creative near the end. Originally, I made this map for Dark Earth, but I got permission to release it separately. It's a sequel to my previous SkyCity map. 1 2 3 4
 Water Town X 227iAn edit of Na Pali Haven with more attractions. Unfinished.

Maps → Project Yoe:
Project Yoe (Yrex old edition) is an attempt at recreating how Unreal could have looked in late 1997, with also plenty of artistic freedoms taken. Think of it as an "alternate history" Unreal. It's the successor of Old Soledad and Acerak. It includes a working hub system, so you can seamlessly travel between some maps. It works online. Note that it's unfinished, e.g. most teleporters aren't connected. 227j required. Other required files.
Most maps were based on Leo(T.C.K)'s and Zora's conversions of beta maps. Some edits by nwfalcon and GamesHarder. Another Nali Castle was made by Turboman.

 Name Links
 Entrance Download YouTube Forum
 Production Line Download YouTube Forum
 Unreal style attempt YouTube
 Legend of scanline  YouTube
 Star Action  YouTube
 Spaceship  YouTube

External tools:
 Browse, modify and extract texture packages.
- reading UE1 and UE2 packages
- reading P8, DXT1/3/5, RGBA8 textures
- saving packages (only UE1)
- importing textures in popular formats (BMP, JPG, PNG)
- auto palette generation or DXT compression
- auto upscaling to power of two size
- batch export
 U3DBinReadUnreal _d.3d & _a.3d mesh viewer/converter.
- 3D preview with optional texture loading
- UV maps preview
- modifying flags, texture slots and some other things
- conversion from/to Wavefront OBJ.
 UNR to T3D
 Takes UNR files and extracts T3D from them. Useful if you have edit-protected maps or maps with missing references, or maps from some UE1 game without the editor, or don't have Unreal but badly want to look into the file.
 CylinderAligner Align texture around cylinder, sphere, torus and more. The program operates through clipboard.
 ObjTriTesselator Only for 227. Splits sides in static meshes to increase resolution of lighting.
 Psk2Obj A quick and dirty command line tool to convert PSK to OBJ. Only for static meshes.
 BSP Tool Allows to:
- fix most of visibility problems (such as brown polys, stuff disappearing near screen edge, entire map sections disappearing)
- remove lethal BSP holes
- see some of BSP's internal workings

UnrealEd plug-ins:
 Y_Tools Contains ruler, BSP hole detector, zone leak detector, brushbuilder with functions: MoveBrushToCam, MoveActorToCam, FindActor, FindZoneInfo, WhoTriggersHim, MirrorX/Y/Z.
 Dimension Getter BrushBuilder. Measures selected brush dimensions and puts them in other brushbuilders properties.

 Heightmaps Demo Add more 3D detail to the game's low poly environments. ≥227j only.
 UE1ToUnity A plugin for Unity that imports Unreal Engine 1 maps. Tested on:
- 5.2.5f1 (last version with Win XP export)
- 2020.1.0f1 (latest version as of writing)
 NuPlayer My biggest attempt at writing a 3D game engine. It was focused on replicating Unreal's aesthethics and can (to some degree) load its maps.
 It's unfinished.
 Videos: 1 2 3 4
 Y_LargeFont Unicode large font. I tried to make it look like the original green LargeFont. Preview
 StretchDoors Vertex animated doors. Preview
 YSoftDrv A crappy alternative software renderer.
 Entry Warp A concept (i.e. it doesn't actually work) of an animation to play when files are downloading before entering a server. The download progress would be visually represented as moving closer to the galaxy. The download speed and connection drops would perhaps also be visually represented. The server's appearance "in space" would perhaps also be customizable. Inspired by old VRChat loading screen.
 Russian logo
 Just see it yourself.
 Unfinished stuff
 The archive contains:
- A few unfinished maps.
- 7 maps reworked in a similar way to the Old Soledad, including one completely new map
- Many beta map fragment remakes based on screenshots
- Source codes of AltUEd, U3DBinRead, UPLib, YTexBrowser, and YCorridorMaker
- 6 programs
- One music track
 YCorridorMaker This program is kinda buggy and that's why I moved it to Misc. In particular, T3Ds coming from UEd may become damaged.
Create and edit T3Ds in a fast and simple way. This program is like a combination of the Top view and 2D Shape Editor. You draw rectangles, ellipses or arbitary polygons which then get turned into brushes according to specified parameters.
 UNR to T3D with TexScaler

 Tables Editor

 StaticMesh T3D Converter

 Internal tools, don't use unless you know exactly what you're doing.
 UnrealEdSmT3D Patch for UC2004's UnrealEd so it displays T3D files in the "Import StaticMesh" dialog.

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