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  1. Nakatanza : Nakatanza is a story telling song that I play on the entongoli ( Bowl lyre). It talks about a great and strong woman ' Nakatanda' who belonged to the Lugave clan. She had alot of power in a way that when she steped one of the ship on Lake Victoria it was like an earth quake had passed.
  2. Wakadaala : This is also a story telling song from Buganda and I play this on the Amadinda (Xylophone). The song talks about a great man Selukere, who was a worrior in the kings palace. When he fought the sun also came down to praise him. Selukere was the only one who owned a car in this region and the car was called 'Wakadaala'. It used to do everything in the region. It fetched water from Lake Victoria, brought chicken from Burundi and Matooke from Mbale(in eastern Uganda).
  3. Emaali
  4. John bosco
  5. Entega : These are drum chimes of Busoga. The entega is a set of 10 small drums tunned in a pentatonic scale. I use them to play different melodies that will pass on different messages to the people.
  6. Gwanga Mujje : This is a drum rthym that is played in Buganda and it will give a message that everybody is needed either to come and work or to come a fight trouble in the kingdom so when it sounds everybody will rush to the palace.
  7. Okwagala kuva mukuteesa : This is a love song played on the tube fiddle. The song simply says that love is full of agreements and disagreement about inorder for love to prosper there must be agreement between two parties.
  8. Nzige buzige : I play this on a bowl lyre and it talks about the time when Uganda was raided by locusts. So the song basically give some history about Uganda.
  9. Mulirwana : This is a song that I play on the Amadinda(Xylophone). This song give advice to people to love there neighbours because they need them in eveything for example love, protection among others.




Embuutu and Engalabi used to accompany dances and songs. They are also used in story telling.


Playing the Mujjaguzo drum at a street performance


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