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 My desire to discover more music grows more through traveling and exchange, I have seen and tasted the beauty of life through music a soul language that unites the world. Each region of the world has got different kinds of music and musical instruments but they all have a communication to make.

When am making music I never look at it commercially. It is this feeling that helps achieve my goal in music. I look at music as something special born in people to live in, live with and it grows in them. It is a mode of communication and I base on this concept from my musical background about the Royal Buganda musicians.
In Buganda, music is played to communicate a particular message to the listener. For example there are drum rhythms played to announce the presence of the King and those to make a general call to the Kingdom. Songs are played to tell great stories and to advice the King.

Music has grown in me since the beginning; it was born in me in this beautiful land of Africa, just by the King's palace in Lubiri where music was played every single day of my childhood. The sounds from the drums in this palace always woke the whole village up every morning and sometimes they played for 24 hours or more, especially during healing ceremonies and royal celebrations.

I also believe in spiritual healing and for me music plays a big role in this powerful activity. Sometimes people can dance to my music, but I feel strong and deep when they feel the spiritual powers from it, through silence, tears and more because I love playing it right from my heart to peoples hearts."I am deeply interested in folk music, world music, soul and spiritual music. The music I play comes from my heart and it is based on traditional concepts, but I believe in fusions and multi-cross culture.


Blowing the Agwara at a performance in Trinidad and Tobago.
Playing the Tube Fiddle traditionally know as Endigidi


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