Other Slash Pairings



I Alone  
complete by Askani'daughter 52 kb Cyclops/Havok
Havok enters an alternate reality where Cyclops and he don't know they're brothers and have become lovers. What will Havok do? Angst, Drama, M/M Slash, Profanity, AU, Incest (non-graphic), and Mental Disorders.


Who Loves Ya, Baby?
complete by A_Valon 18 kb Wolverine/Sabertooth
Someone admits he has got feelings for Logan.


Into The Blue (Co-written with Blu)
complete by Azurine 19 kb Wolverine/Beast
Logan knows Hank wants to. Alternate take on Blu's "Out of the Blue" Hank/Logan series. You do not have to read the other stories to understand what’s going on in this one.


Food Fight
complete by Blu 110 kb Beast/Iceman
Hank and Bobby clean up after a Thanksgiving foodfight.


complete by Blu 13 kb Iceman/Wolverine
Bobby reflects on life, and the tragic death of his friend and lover.


Two Weeks
complete by CalmJedi 85 kb Xavier/Magneto, Gambit/Wolverine
Action/Adventure, Angst, UST. Xavier gets into trouble with the law, and Logan gets into trouble with an old enemy.


Time and Again
complete by Eoen 71 kb Gambit/Sinister
Remy's powers are more than even he knew. What happens when they go out of control. Slash overtones.


Alien Conspiracy (01 - 02)
unfinished by Erika 90 kb Krycek/Wolverine
X-files/X-Men. Aliens are trying to create a new human host, using mutant DNA, will they be stopped in time?


Angel in the sky
complete by Erika 38 kb Angel/Angel
X-men/Angel crossover. When an angel falls from heaven, do we hear its cries?


An Innocent Question
complete by Lee Tabor 43 kb Magneto/Wolverine
Movieverse. Magneto captures Wolverine with the hope of bringing him to his side.


complete by Maggie 23 kb Havok/Wolverine
Slash. This is set during the "Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown" Limited Series, which mostly concerns Alex and Logan on a road trip in Mexico.


From Professor X, With Love
complete by Mercutio 38 kb Wolverine/Jubilee/Gambit, Beast/Xavier
Slash. When Xavier is hit by telepathic backlash, the X-Men on hand at the mansion are affected in a deeply sexual manner.


Late Autumn Fantasy (1-2)
unfinished by MM 32 kb Gambit/Havok, Iceman/Angel
Bobby is dreaming and then has a hot encounter in the shower.


Never Again 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06
complete by Morgana 339 kb Gambit/Iceman,Gambit/Sinister
Remy's hiding at the boathouse, trying to deal with a past that haunts him. Bobby gets fed up with Remy's attitude and tries to find out what's going on. Slowly, Bobby discovers what monster lurks in Remy's past. 


Blood of Heroes Part1 / Part2
complete by Morgana 362 kb Gambit/Iceman, minor Wolverine/Angel
The Fallen Angel Arc 2. This is the sequel to Fallen angel in which Warren (Death) makes his first appearance, almost shattering Remy and Bobby's dreams. After the madness wears off, Warren has to find a way to learn to live with himself and Logan offers a helping hand. This is where another pairing is added, Warren/Logan.


Master of Puppets Part1 / Part2
complete by Morgana 336 kb Gambit/Iceman, minor Wolverine/Angel
The Fallen Angel Arc 3. Remy learns his true identity and Sinister is going to do his best to get Remy back in to his lab. Luckily, Magneto and Bobby are keeping a close eye on Gambit. Warren and Logan realize that they're attracted to each other and take their relationship to the next level.


Miracle of love Part1 / Part2
complete by Morgana 306 kb Gambit/Iceman, minor Wolverine/Angel
The Fallen Angel Arc 4. The last of the series in which Remy overcomes his depression and fully realizes the love Bobby bears him. But Apocalypse needs a new Death and decides that Remy makes a suitable candidate. During all this chaos a young boy looks to Remy to find the love and affection his deceased parents can no longer give him. Warren has to face his own hell when Apocalypse uses him as bait to lure Remy closer. When Warren faces losing his wings for a second time he's ready to die. Logan however, is resolved to save him and to take him home.


Heaven Sent 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09
complete by Morgana 970 kb Gambit/Angel, minor Wolverine/Jean-Luc Lebeau
Warren visits New Orleans on a business trip and doesn't know that there is a contact to kill him, which the Assassins' Guild accepted to carry out. While returning from a nightclub, Warren runs into an Assassins' trap. Facing death, an old team mate comes to the rescue. Warren flees, following Gambit's instructions. Once they are in safety, He realizes that the Cajun has amnesia and everything that happened after the age of 10 is now a blank. However, assassins don't give up that easily... Followed by Hold fast that which is good


Hold fast that which is good

01 - 02 - 03 - 04

complete by Morgana 484 kb Gambit/Angel, minor Wolverine/Jean-Luc Lebeau
Remy and Warren's love deepens during their honeymoon, which gets cut short because Warren's brother dies and leaves behind his son Jason. Now, Remy and Warren face the challenge of raising a prejudiced 15 years old. Scott has to deal with Corsair's unexpected arrival and now has to tell his father that Corsair's youngest son is alive. In the meantime, Warren and Jason come to blows. Enraged, Jason decides to leave Warren and Remy. Sequel to Heaven Sent


Elfin Kiss
complete by NyteKrwlr 25 kb Nightcrawler/Northstar


Past Relations (1-4)
unfinished by Phoenix 68 kb Magneto/Iceman, Sabretooth
A stranger comes to visit and the consequences will be far reaching. (Cue scary music! ;)


Captain Bloodand the Great Cookie Caper
complete by RabidX 20 kb Nightcrawler/Beast
Kurt gets hurt and receives medical attention from Hank. Kurt repays him with cookies.


complete by RabidX 12 kb Chamber/???
Answer to the 'Chamber in Handcuffs' challenge. Master and servant among the X-men.


Unusual Behavior
complete by RabidX 41 kb Iceman/OCM, Wolverine/Iceman
A Mooky boy as the X-Men have never seen him.


Spring Dance
complete by Scorpio 11 kb Iceman/Pyro, Jubliee
Pre-slash, teen angst. Bobby goes to the Spring Dance held at Xavier's School for Gifted Children and eats his own heart out.


A Loss Of Control
complete by Scorpio 16 kb Iceman/Pyro
Slash. Bobby and John finally 'consummate' their relationship and discover that it's not as easy to be intimate when you and your lover are mutants.


Study Break
complete by Scorpio 16 kb Iceman/Pyro, Rouge POV
Rogue takes a break from studying and meets Kitty... who tells her a secret about her friends Bobby and Johnny.


A Slice of Life - 4 Logan "What If?" Snippets
complete by Scorpio 12 kb Wolverine/Gambit, Wolverine/Iceman, Wolverine/Sidney, Wolverine/Beast
A day in the life of Logan. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Night. Four times of the day, four various realities... and four different lovers.


Cream Filling
complete by Shala Atare 15 kb Beast/Iceman
Take many, many Hank/Bobby cliches, add Twinkies, and stir.


complete by Shala Atare 23 kb Chamber/Iceman
Two boys and a big bed. Also, chains.


Oral Hygiene
complete by Shala Atare 14 kb Angel/Iceman
Glue. Steam. Toothpaste. Lots and lots of Warren. Bobby is a happy man.


The Better Part Of Me:

Chapter One: Even Heroes Have The Right To Dream

unfinished by Silver 82 kb Iceman/Cyclops
Bobby and Scott have a talk, but it doesn't go as planned and they find out more about the other than they bargained for...


Prison Buddies: An Unlikely Tale (direct link)
complete by Siubhan   Toad/Wolverine


On Beauty
complete by Trah 25 kb Nightcrawler/Wolverine
In the aftermath of Colossus's death and Kitty's departure, Wolverine is heading for the hills but wants to say goodbye first (ack, I suck at summaries).


The Tale Of Two Hearts
complete by Trinalla Mohani 41 kb Cyclops/Wolverine with Iceman/Pyro, Jubilation/Rogue feat Xavier, Jean and Storm
During the movie events between Logan and Scott occur, also Scott's past is revealed. Followed by Those Things You Do


Those Things You Do (01 - 02 - 03)
unfinished by Trinalla Mohani 56 kb Cyclops/Wolverine with Iceman/Pyro, Jubilation/Rogue feat Xavier, Jean and Storm
Revised version! Sequel to The Tale Of Two Hearts


You've Got a Friend (01 - 02 - 03)
unfinished by Vangiekitty 33 kb Iceman/Beast
Slash. Bobby is confused about his sexuality and Hank is determined to help any way he can.


Strangest ForePlay
complete by WhipBlade 30 kb Wolverine/Sabretooth
Wolverine gets a strange e-mail, Jubilee gets a strange e-mail. Both end up at the same place. Blood follows in Sabretooth's wake.


The Werewolf vs The Mummy
complete by Wyrd 26 kb Wolverine/Chamber
Creature Features 1. Logan & Jono: Hotelroom and Handcuffs.


Son of the Werewolf vs The Mummy
complete by Wyrd 34 kb Wolverine/Chamber
Creature Features 2. Takes place couple hours after the first.


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