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(“Who is this 'Craig' joker, anyway?”)

To arrange to have products considered for review, please send an email to [email protected].

If you're here, you must be (if only just a little bit) curious about who is behind the various publications that go by the name of Craig's Book, Movie, and Music Clubs.

Craig Clarke is an award-winning writer and editor. In addition to editing and writing all the content for his own Web site, he writes reviews for and edits the Letters page of The Green Man Review, a web review magazine specializing in folk-based materials (for a while he wrote a regular column entitled The Book of Tales). In addition, he is the copyeditor for Mytholog, a web magazine specializing in mythic-themed fiction.

His reviews have also appeared on Video Vista (a web review magazine specializing in new video releases), Ex Libris Reviews (a web review magazine specializing in books), and Wild Turtle Dreams (a web designer that also reviews the design of other sites).

He also writes fiction, but isn't focusing on that at the present. Some of it can still be reached through his bio on Zoetrope Virtual Studio (you'll have to be a member first), and his fiction was most recently published by Story House.

He wishes to extend the utmost gratitude to these folks who have been kind enough to consider his writing worthy of their respective brand names (with a special thanks to the editors for making him look better than he deserves). The compensation has simply been a bonus.

In closing, he thanks for choosing to browse his site over your other possible choices. If you would please sign his guestbook and let him know what you think, he would truly appreciate it.

Hail and farewell!

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