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Study on the Cosmos: Cosmos' formula


The present page has as object the study of the structure, bases and fundamental principles of the Cosmos.
For this, I have chosen the method of analysis of maximum factoring of the Cosmos, decomposing any element of the same one and then analyze each one of their factors from any point of view, included the metaphysical consideration.
Now well, to explain it here, I have taken as study element a tree, to which we will divide it into factors up to where it is we possible, and we will go analyzing the characteristics of each one of these factors.
Of course it will be a synthesis work as an explanation in the web requires.

This way taking a tree and let us begin to study its parts:

1.- In the first place we see that a tree can be considered as a group of such elements as root, trunk, branches, stems, leaves, flowers, etc.
All these elements give complete vital functions for the tree, say; they are built and orderly in such a way that their ordination is indispensable for the life of the tree. In fact the elements of this tree keep an intelligent and creative organization since it was not, the tree it would not have been developed neither it could exist.
Therefore in this first place we can consider the tree as a group of organs (root, trunk, etc.) appropriately orderly to work and to maintain to the tree with life.
This way if we wanted to promote a formula to study the tree, we could put:

Tree = Ec x Oi

Where Ec is the group of component elements of the tree (root, trunk, etc.) and Oi is the intelligent or appropriate ordination of these elements.

2.-But let go now to divide and study anyone of these elements, for example, the leaves of the tree.
If we notice in turn, the leaves of the tree are really a group of orderly vegetable cells where their ordination and appropriate work in common is what give the capacity of sustaining the life of the tree.
But the same thing happens to the root, trunk, branches, etc., that they are perfectly combined and orderly vegetable cells to carry out their work and support the tree.
Then we have reduced to the tree alone to a group of orderly vegetable cells with a lot intelligent organization.
The formula would be this way:

Tree = Cv x Oi2

Being then a tree equal to many vegetable cells Cv by intelligent organization to the square Oi2, since firstly these cells build the elements of the tree (root, trunk, etc.) and later with these elements the tree is built.

3.- Now we follow the same procedure analyzing the vegetable cells, seeing that in turn they are simply appropriately and orderly vital molecules to form these cells.
And as in the previous case, we realize that a tree is really appropriately orderly vital molecules to build the tree.
So the tree in this case would be:

Tree = Mv x Oi3

So a tree is vital molecules Mv by intelligent organization to the cube Oi3, since firstly vital molecules form the group of the vegetable cells; later these in turn form the organs or elements of the tree (branches, trunk, etc.); and then these elements form the tree.

4.- But following with the study, and analyzing the vital molecules, we see that these in turn are simply appropriate and smartly organized atoms to form the vital molecules.
Therefore here the tree would already be constituted by:

Tree = A x Oi4

Being therefore the tree an immense group of atoms A multiply by intelligent organization to the fourth Oi4.

And we can continue this way subdividing until arriving to the energy and later to the space-time as basic elements in the physics of the Cosmos.

If we notice well, any of those analyzed element has not own consistency, but they are only sum and composition of other smaller ones.
And at the end we understand that each one of them is simply a lot of point of space-time that are organized and built in exponential form until forming these elements.
So in the Cosmos the only thing that we find with physical consistency is at the space-time, which undergo to continuous structuring and intelligent organization to build the whole lattice of the Cosmos.
Then we will consider to the Cosmos as space-time fuses to an enormous form of structuring and intelligent organization.
And to put the final formula of the same one:

e-t x Oi = energy
energy x Oi = matter
matter x Oi = particles
particles x Oi = atoms etc.

Cosmos = e-t x Oin

Similar elements to the Cosmos.

To understand the structuring of the Cosmos, we can search similar elements in the same one that to be known and to have familiarity with them, they can help us to understand the problem better.
Two of these elements could be the computers and our brain.
As much ones as others are forms of structuring and organization of basic elements in complex and creative groups by means of the use of the integrative and organized intelligence.

---If we notice on a computer, this is based on simple bits of electric pulsations, but structuring them in intelligent form we can be able to form and to create all type of constructions.
So, our intelligence can use of simple basic points, to form, to build and to express our creative intelligence.
We can create this way programs (intelligent organization) that working in common and directed by our intelligence they can create the whole class of intelligent structures in the screen of the computer, which can be also used to build things outside of the computer.
But if we notice, as much in the computer as in the Cosmos, the performance form is of using simple basic elements to build complex and creative groups by means of the intelligence.

---If where we see is to the brain, we see that this works in similar way to the computer (not same, see difference) when using of simple points of information or sensation, the brain can build complex thoughts, deductions and creations.

Differences between brain and computer.

I want to put here the essential difference between brain and computer.
I make it because until the moment I have not seen exposed any work about the essential difference between both.
To simplify, let us say that the brain works in whole, contemplating and valuing all the dates at the same time, and the computer works point by point.
This is essential since it is what differ a machine from a human being, besides the sensitive aspect. *
When working the brain at the same time with all the elements of a problem, this brain can take conscience of the complete problem, feeling it in its entirety, understanding it in its entirety, etc.
On the other hand the computer in each instant alone take and gives light to a bite, later other, etc. and it never analyzes the problem in whole, lasting so very far from its comprehension.
In this case, and giving an example, if a father has certain problems with his son, this father can sit down, revising, feeling and give live to this problem in whole inside him, taking conscience of all.
In the same way a person can sit down in front of a computer and to see a drawing in the same one; later to feel the peculiarities of the drawing and to understand its meaning for the fact of contemplate y appreciate this drawing in its entirety.
On the other hand, the computer is not aware of this drawing because it alone repeats in each instant a bit of the same one, without having idea of what it is repeating.

*Beside we can consider that when the brain works in whole, this circumstance makes to be the mind outside of time to the power of taking states of conscience to which time doesn't affect.

Entering in the metaphysics field.

The title of this topic is to scare a little to who has repairs in revising these topics, since we enter in some definitions and not very acceptable postures for the physics.
The justification of this title is to enter in the explanation of the initial drawing.
We have said that the basic elements of the Cosmos are space and time those which, by means of intelligent or organizational structuring, they can become the different cosmic creations.
But what are really space and time?
Because according to my metaphysical proposals they are also intelligent elements, in this case descriptive intelligence elements.
That is to say, that firstly we should invent basic elements that have the necessary qualities to later we can mount the creativity.
In the case of the computer it would be to invent us the bits by means of which we can produce different forms of performance of the computer.
After we create the programs that make work to these bits, and finally we begin to create for here and there.
As for the Cosmos, we can also make this differentiation putting three stadiums of development of the cosmic creativity.

--The first one would be the descriptive creation of the basic elements of the Cosmos, say space and time.

-- Later the programs or rule will be the physical and mathematics laws, etc., which drive and detail the ways and norms to follow.

--And then we would already have the pure creativity that would be to create and to build for all sides.

Therefore and summarizing, we can say that:

�The Cosmos is an enormous intelligent creativity that spreads to infinite.�

From my study of metaphysics of 1995.