Free Vinland Republic: 1993, Independence.

After an invasion by the combined forces of Sonné and Tyr from Liegerland, the colony was severely devastated. After many months of brutal military rule, an island-wide uprising took place, and the rebels proclaimed the Free Vinland Republic. This was recognised by the former colonial power, Occussi-Ambeno, and many of the other Fifth World countries. Free Vinland finally defeated the Sonnians, and ended holding the entire island with the exception of Liegerland.

5 cents Independence overprint.  15 cents Independence overprint. 30 cents Independence overprint.  
45 cents Independence overprint.  75 cents Independence overprint.  $1.35 cents Independence overprint.


1993 (15th August.) - Independence series. Stamps of the 1992 Definitive issue, with black overprint "FREE VINLAND fights for GODS, FREEDOM, & COUNTRY!" by the Free Vinland Government Press, Berenku.

18 5 cents Fluorescent red & silver
19 15 cents Green & brown
20 30 cents Blue & purple
21 45 cents Red & dark green
22 75 cents Pink & brown
23 $1.35 Violet & dark green


This stamp issue was making use of most of the available old stamps of the colonial issue. The overprinting was done by letterpress by the Free Vinland Government Press, Berenku. Because of the wartime conditions, no First Day Covers were prepared.