Free Vinland Republic
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Flag of the Free Vinland Republic.
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2000, Re-Opening of Vinrail, $1.35, mint.

The crest of Free Vinland is shown on this 15 stamp of our definitive issue.

The pioneer mailartist MICHAEL BIDNER is honored with this stamp, issued in year 2000.

Colonial issuesColony of West Vinland


1998, World Book Day, 45, mint.

The Year of the Tiger, 1998.

For the royal opening of the Horus Dam in 1992, 
this overprint was issued.

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1995, Year of the Pig, $1.20, mint.    1994, 10th anniversary of the ICIS, $1.35, mint.    1999, Universal Postal Union, 60, mint.    1995, Terra Candella experienced disastrous floods, and this stamp carries a small surcharge to help the stricken folk.     2018, 50th anniversary of Occussi-Ambeno's independence, 15c, mint.  Centenary of Flight, 60 cents.