“Mentoring: Suggested Ideas for an All-Around Successful Program”

"It takes a village to raise a kid"-?

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Who qualifies to be a mentee?

-one who shows to be vulnerable or "at risk"
-reccomended by judge our county
-substance abusers (alcoholic, drug addicts: meth-users, etc…)
-one-parent child
-other: ExpandedProgRationale1.doc (written by Elaine)

Chores & Mores Program

Who qualifies to be a mentor?

-passes county background check
-pair particular youth with key adults that can relate to them:

>business owner/career professional (career oriented)-similar to “Junior Achievement”/OJT (On Job Training): Superior Industries, Prairie Community Service/Divine House/New Beginnings, Stevens County Medical Center/Prairie Medical Associates, etc..) Please see=>LettertoEmployers1.doc (prepared by Elaine)
>sports athlete/coach (sports oriented)-similar to the NFL youth program
>musician (theatre/music oriented)
>youth pastor/active church leader (spiritual oriented)-similar to “Young Life” (college age focus) or Kinship (any adults)
>elderly adult (from West Wind Village, Morris Senior Center, Grand View Apartments, etc...) that can be intergenerational learning experience

*basically any “living adult” that has an interest, hobby, or skill that they are “unselfishly” willing to spend whatever hours of their time to mentor and serves as a role model. Many of our “high tech” age youth look up to someone on t.v. or the media, we need “real-life” role-models that they can personally meet and have a personal relationship with.

Some Suggested Key Stakeholders (a Blandin Leadership Terminology) to Contact:

-Walter Fisher, UMM Minority Ethnic Resource-Community Diversity Coordinator for for the "Minority Mentorship Program" (ethnic-minority focus)
-Work Force Center (job focus)
-Morris Community Ed's "Learning Unlimited" and David Fluegel of Centre for Small Town's "Future Festival" Project (elderly focus)
-Carolyn Peterson or Caren of the Morris Chamber of Commerce (career professional focus)

Below are e-mail suggestions:

Subject: Your article in the Morris Tribune
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 15:42:47 -0600
From: "wcmca Karen Alvstad"
To: [email protected]

Hello Elaine:
"I read your article about needing mentors for Morris in the Morris Tribune. I am the director of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. We are always looking for new volunteer opportunities for our Stevens County Volunteers, as well as looking for new volunteers to enroll in our program. RSVP is a nationally known program over 30 years old. I cover a five county area, including Stevens County. Perhaps your program would be interested in becoming an RSVP volunteer site through a Memorandum of Understanding. Then I could also help recruit for your program, and you could refer any volunteers you recruit who are age 55 or older to RSVP. The volutneers receive "on the job" accident and liability insurance, may be reimbursed for mileage if they request it, and are honored at an annual recognition event each year, along with the other RSVP volunteers in the county. It costs them nothing to become an RSVP volunteer. Our only requirement is that there be a contact person at the volunteer site who can document the volunteer hours. Often in intergenerational programs, like yours, the volunteers keep an individual time sheet and have the supervisor sign it once a month or once each quarter. If you would like more information, please call me at 218-685-6176.
Karen Alvstad, RSVP Director

Current Updates

Check out Saturday, January 29th of 2005 Article "NEW MENTORING PROGRAM FOR STEVENS COUNTY YOUTH" in the Morris Sun Tribune as part of Mentoring Month by Elaine

Meetings (located at Common Cup)/Hours Behind the Scenes:
Next->Wednesday, April 13th @10:30am

Tuesday, February 8th, and Wednesday, February 9th.

Foundations/Grants We've Applied for:

  • Pamida Foundation
  • Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation, services ONLY Metro Area
  • Other Similar Programs We can Connect With

    The Wilmar Public Schools' Child Guide Program.."connects at-risk students with people and activities to become healthy, caring, and responsible individuals"

    From: "Heitke Les"
    To: "'GoodNews Morris'"
    Subject: RE: Congratulations from City of Morris AAC Rep-Mentoring
    Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 17:41:13 -0500

    Hello, Thanks for all the supportive comments. The best person to contact regarding the Child Guide Program would be our Willmar area School Superintendent, Kathy Leedom. The District phone number is 320-231-8500. Kathy, I am sure, will provide you with answers and direct you to the staff who are working in this program.. Les Heitke - Mayor

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