President James Madison

Fourth President of the United States
Mr. Madison looking out window; photo courtesy Lisa Grace, copyright 2017; all rights reserved

Journals of the Times

Mr. Jefferson's Personal Records

In order to have a record of his life, President Madison kept journals of his travels, notes and ledgers related to various matters, and packets of correspondence from family, friends, neighbors, and constituents.

While Mr. Madison's own journals and records are on file at the National Archives, among other locations, it is hoped that the contents shared here will provide the flavor of the personal journals kept by President and Mrs. Madison.

Topics will range from issues of Mr. Madison's day to his visits with constituents at various locations. When there is "correspondence" from constituents regarding one of his visits, excerpts will be shared when permitted. You will find most of these excerpts on the same page as Mr. Madison's notes about the visit in question.

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