Mr. Madison looking out window; photo courtesy Lisa Grace, copyright 2017; all rights reserved

Mr. Madison Comes to the Twenty-First Century

It is no small feat to bring the Founders of this nation to life in the twenty-first century in a manner that modern generations understand.

The truth is: The matters they faced in their lifetimes still impact today's decision makers.Men like James Madison were human beings who stepped into the historic milieu to shape a new nation. They were more than the documents they authored, their biographies, or portraits and statutes.

While presentations about Mr. Madison shed light on what kind of man he was, meeting him in the flesh creates a personal experience that sears a powerful permanent impression. The interaction becomes one of joining him as a contemporary be it friend, foe, family member, colleague or simply as a citizen.

This undertaking is far more than dressing up and memorizing lines. A quality First Person Interpreter considers his or her craft an homage to their persona. It is a resolute and lifelong commitment to rendering an accurate portrayal. It will aways be a work in progress for the serious historical interpreter.

To empathize completely with every aspect of a man's entire life is no easy task. Mr. Jenks, Mr. Madison's agent, believes his experience as an actor helps him to inhabit Mr. Madison's mind, heart, and soul as much as extensive research allows. Please trust that Mr. Jenks considers it an honor and a privilege to portray this great man.

As part of his journey to the twenty-first century, Mr. Madison has established a presence on Facebook where you can catch up and interact with him. You will also find additional pictures and some video of Mr. Madison interacting with his constituents there.

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