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Rurouni Kenshin , Kenshin and Kaoru only ...

hiiiiiiii....... konnichi wa What New ??

Hello ppls... I'm so sorry for not updating this website for um... 2 months! Am I right? Anyway... I apologize to all of u... Cos Rite now I'm too obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe do u know who is he? GOSH if u don't know who he is u have to watch Harry Potter the movie! Yeah Daniel Radcliffe is the boy who play as Harry Potter! Have u seen the movie? If u have, u'll understand why I'm obsessed with him. He's a very talented young actor. He has an angelic face! Do u see his face? KEWL! he's so so so so soooo..... AWESOME!
Well, Stop talking about him- back to the problem... um- I don't have any NEWS I haven't upload all this stuff. I'm terribly sorry for all of this! But I'm looking for more information's about Rurouni Kenshin Esp. About Sano's, Megumi's, Yahiko and Tsubame's biography. And also about Rurouni Kenshin's seiyuu's and their pic's. I don't have a time to search it in the Internet so ppls... I hope u can help me by send me e-mail containing with their Biography thanx!

Stay Brilliant! 

Posted By: Mrs.Himura | Monday, February 11 02
Fan Art and Fan Fiction

Hi everyone, I just completed the fan art and fan fiction areas! so u can enjoy it now ! the fan art section all pictures is originally made by ME ! so... u can send me any pictures handmade by your self then send me to..... [email protected] with subject fan art or fan fan fiction ^.^ Arigatou Gozaimasu !!! 
hi I`m sailor plutohi I`m sailor uranushi I'm sailor neptunus

Posted By : Mrs.Himura | 27 October 01
Click here if u are a big fan of Harry PotterYUP!!!! HARRY POTTER IS EVERY WHERE!!! u know what? The first time I saw the book, it didn't make me interest. B'cos it's really a thick book! my friends are always talking about HARRY POTTER and I don't really know what are they talking about. Then when the movie is came out in my country, my friends were invited me to watch the movie, but u know what? we were couldn't get the ticket, the tickets are SOLD OUT! Oh My Gosh! I can't believe it! Then, my brother bought the CD then I watch the movie at home! u know what.....?

THE MOVIE IS REALLY COOOOLLLL!!!! I LOVE IT !!! ESP, DANIEL RADCLIFFE ( Harry Potter ) is really CUTE ! I love his Face! 


Posted By : Mrs.Himura | Tuesday, December 25 01
Happy Valentine's Day...!
Hello everyone!! I would like to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Esp. for u! yeah u! the one who's visiting this website rite now! Surprised? don't be cos' u visiting this website thanx a lot!
Love Always
Posted By : Mrs.Himura | Monday, February 11 02


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