Who made what in 1/1200 or 1/1250 scale?

Manufacturers lists are a valuable source of nformation. What is available? The best source is the large printed "Wiedling Register" that is published by Wiedling. It is somewhat expensive (that is the reason I don't have one) but the best and most complete source available.

Some of the retailers have lists of the available models or even of the models they know of on their site.


Wiedling generates lists from their products database. For manufacturers with continuing production these are complete, for OOP producers they seem to represent what is or was available at Wiedling. Some (especially newer ones) have pictures.

  • Olivers Welt has lists as static html (available as zip for download too). These are incomplete for OOP-manufacturers, but with a lot (over 3000 currently) of pictures.
  • Galerie Maritim has the most complete lists. The disadvantage of these lists is that they are using an abbreviation for every manufacturer. These abbreviations are well known for the readers of Hamburger Rundbrief, but sometimes incomprehensible for others. Only few pictures.
  • The catalogs of the american Retailers (especially teh newer ones like Eastcost, 1250ships and MSM) are fully pictured. So if a new model is available there then you will find good pictures of it on their sites.
  • Collectio Navalis was the first who offered lists on his site, but no pictures

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