• SS-N-1 about ships with the first soviet naval missile, the SS-N-1
  • ETPM 1601Carat 64 and Hansa 330
  • South Salem freigther mystery article about the turned bridge mystery - that was solved by kind response of some readers of the original article.
  • Sammlertreffen in Kassel 21.5.2003
  • Articles at other sites

    Several years ago I had prepared a series of articles about wooden warships for Marc Cluppers site. Marc'S site is no longer existing, but Jeff Simpson's site focused on kits has a copy of it:
    Sailing ship modelling (general remarks),
    Ancient ships before the rennaissance,
    Rennaissance era,
    Dutch Wars era,
    Napoleonic ship modelling,

  • HMS Hood in 1/1200 or 1/1250 an article I wrote for the HMS Hood site some years ago. Since then it had been amended with soem pictures.

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