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If you have unidentified shipmodels in your collection: send me a picture and I will post it here (or with a little luck identify it immediately).

Unsolved mysteries
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what I do know about this one
or what I guess ...
obviously is some kind of Ewer or similar ship.
likely candidates are:
Forde 132 (Finkenwerder Fischewer)
GS 90 Fracht-Ewer Walter
another coastal sailing ship, slighly larger than the one above
small fishin vessel of unknown origin
This looks like an oceanic research vehicle. It is definitely an Otten-model, but unfortunately I have no name for it
Most probably a Hammonia
but which ....
small (chemical?) tankship. Resin. Either copy or unfinished Otten-model
no idea about this small tug (except that it is certainly a steam tug ...)
I have now idea about purpose or manufacturer
the colour suggests a military vessel
might be a navigation trainign ship
probably from Förde
I think this is from Hammonia
the colour looks like a navy vessel
somehow this reminds me of naval barges like the MAZA crafts of the german Kriegsmarine
small tug. probably Hammonia, most probably a naval vessel

Solved mysteries
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luckily someone offered the original one at eBay: this is a copy of Welfia 25: Brandenburg the former Sedina, a steamer of 1899.
she belonged to R.Chr.Gribel, Stettin
1112 BRT
crew: 17 Mann
fate: stranded on 12.12.1941 in Kattegat, 1950 raised and broken up.
Many thanks to Jeffery Simpson for pointing out that this is a copy of RE 22 Fair Head of 1947
copy of Welfia 54: Dongan Hills
Ensign 4: British Endurance
like Welfia 16: Odin

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