Here are some pictures from my own collection (plus a few from fellow collectors...).

Much more pictures could be found on other sites (see Links), especially 1250Home, Bob Weymouth, Fritz Kermauner and Olivers Maertens have a lot of pictures. The manufacturer's sites usually have a few pictures too. The american retailers (like 1250ships and MSM) usually have a fully pictured catalog of the models they carry.

  • Main Gallery a growing number of pictures - sorted by manufacturer and without thumbnails. Since these pcitures (mostly) are not stored on geocities these pictures could be used in messaboards etc.
  • The "old" Part of my gallery is sorted roughly by type and used thumbnails:

  • Liners (old) Civilian passenger ships (before 1945)
  • Liners (new) Civilian passenger ships (after 1945)
  • Cargo Civilian cargo ships
  • Sailing ships of all ages
  • Galleys of all ages
  • WW II german auxiliary ships
  • WW I german auxiliary ships
  • projects that were never realized

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