Gallery of never-were ships

These are models of ships that never existed. They were (more or less seriously) planned, but never finished.
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Kriegssperrbrecher (KSB 1-17)
whereas other "Sperrbrecher" were converted from merchant ships these were projected as purpose-built ones
probaly Eneris 2002 Typ XI: (U 112-115)
1939 project of a large submarine with heavy guns.
This type is somewhat comparable to the british X1.
The order for these ships was placed on 17th janury 1937 with Deschimag, but was cancelled with the outbreak of the war before any work was done.

The hull of this model is made of wood, so it is probably scratchbuilt by its first (unknown) owner.
Z40 to Z42
the original projected Zerst�rer Typ 1938B. The orders for Z37-Z42 were canceled and replaced with orders for the common Typ 1936A (Mob).
SP 1 to SP 3
The "Zerst�rer 1938A" was much criticised and 1938B still considered insufficient, so enlarged designs were drawn which led to the much enlarged (now cruiser-sized) "Sp�hkreuzer 1939". The first order (for SP1-3, replacing the orders for Z40-42 of 1936A mob) was placed in february 1941 with the Krupp-Germania yard in Kiel. Only SP 1 had its keel laid down, but was cancelled in april 1942 when the building of all major warships was stopped.
Z 46
(Zerst�rer 1936C) was to be armed with 3 twin mounts of 12.8cm guns. Z46 and Z47 were begun in 1943, but progress was slow and they were never finished.
Z 51
was to be equipped with diesel-engines and had a more conventional armament of 12.7cm single mounts
was a near sister of Prinz Eugen, but (just like the japanese Mogami-class) was planned with the twin 20.8cm turrets replaced by triple 15.5cm, thus being a light cruiser in terms of the Washington treaty. In summer 1939 Ribentrop and Molotov signed the treaty between germany and the soviet union. Germany received important raw materials from the soviet union, and russia claimed to get help in return for strengthening their navy. In october 1939 the soviet union wanted to get the unfinished L�tzow and Seydlitz (and at one time Prinz Eugen too) and germany finally delivered L�tzow (which was the least finished of the cruisers) in january 1940. Work proceeded slowly in soviet yards, and after the german invasion into russia she had no chance of being ever finished.
was a Sister of L�tzow. When the war broke out there was no need to adhere to the Washington treaty and she was to be completed as heavy cruiser. She roughly resembles Prinz Eugen (which was here nearest sister of the finished heavy cruisers), but the superstructure is distinctively different. The finished german cruisers had a bridge more like the one shown in the L�tzow-plan.
was never finished as cruiser. This model shows here intended aircraft-carrier configuration. In june 1942 Seydlitz (as CA) was 90& finished - only mainmast, catapults, cranes, AA armament and directionfinders were missing when the work was stopped. She would have been finished by the end of the year or at least early in 1943. But then it was dedided that aircraft carriers were urgently needed and the nearly finished Seydlitz was earmarked for conversion. In december 1942 the 20.8 turrets were removed and until spring 1943 2400t of superstructure had been removed. She was ready for the carrier-rebuild when all building and rebuilding of large vessels was stopped.
The next battleship after Tirpitz. This was the design the Z-plan called for. At least one was begun, but the building had not proceeded much beyond the keep-plates when the building of major warships was completely cancelled. The keel was broken up, the steel and the slipway were needed for submarines.
There is better detailed H-class (1939 design like this one) available from Neptun and Superior just released their two versions (with an alternative main armament) as special production runs.
was a near sister of Jean Bart and Richelieu, but had one of their two quadruple turrets facing backwards.
Superior just released their Gascogne as special production run.

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