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    What is a micronation?

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    Please note: TorHavn is a diarchy (dual monarchy), under Enlightened Absolutism: there is a Pact between Monarch and Subject. [Click here to read about it.]

    Every Landed Citizen swears an Oath of Loyalty. [click here to read it] [Virtual Citizens may also swear, if they wish


    Are We "Legal"?


    Right now, you are probably wondering what you've stumbled on. 'What is this place?' or 'Are these people crazy' and let's not forget 'Wont this start a war or something?'. These questions, coupled with the other questions that come with running a project of this kind, are why we have dedicated this part of the website to a proper "introduction".

    What is this place?

    This is the official website for the Kingdom of TorHavn, a micronation existing, dually on the internet (now) and in reality (in the [near] future).. Most people would quite probably consider the Kingdom of TorHavn a "model country project", yet we here feel that it is somehow more than that.

    TorHavn can be any one (or more) of the following: a landless nation, a cybernation, micronation, ephermal state, secessionist state, etc.We have a functioning government, a written "King's Code" of laws, a growing citizen base, and many of the same things associated with so called 'real' or 'macro-'nations of the world. (Email us if interested.).

    There are a few tasks which we do not yet manage. These include land (yet), maintaining full diplomatic discourse with any of the approximately two hundred macronations of the world and having a functioning economy (yet). TorHavn is still a microcosm of any other nation, and it will come ... all the rest of it.

    Are you people crazy?

    No, at least we don't think so, but I guess it all depends whether you consider sovereignty crazy.

    TorHavn is at least as serious as was the Thirteen Colonies of the old British Empire, which became the United States of America (some people still don't take the US seriously, even more than two-hundred years later)....

    Wont this start a war or something?

    Again, we don't think so. We have no guns, no military (only defensive forces), and currently no land to seceed with. Torhavn deplores war, since the root word of "warrior" is NOT war.

    Where can I find out more?

    If you are interested in knowing more through the question pages on the left side-bar. They will hopefully answer any of your questions.

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