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    Temple of Roo Entrence

    Walk Through!

    What To Do Here?
  • IMPORTENT: none

  • Fight with monsters in Desert of Roo & collect needed items. Bring them to Mokti, he'll give you good Armors in return. Then collect items for Leirobas. He is the one who'll make you Jewels of Power. Give Jewels of Power to Erick in Temple of Roo & he'll upgrade your weapons. You MUST get those weapons as they are the BEST you can get ever.

  • Whats Next?
  • Enter into Temple of Roo.

  • Tips:
  • You could save some of your time if you collect item carved oak staff from the monsters at Southern Plains of Roo before entering into the Temple of Roo.
    (Submitted by: dilip4p7 )

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