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    Neopia Central Hills of Jub :: Xantan Grarrl Peninsula :: Kreai - Gors - Rollay Haunted Plains Great Swap Desert Of Roo :: Archmagus of Roo Techo Caves Kal Panning :: Falenin the Sorceress Two Ring Mountains :: JAHBAL


    NeoQuest is an adventure game that takes you through the world of Neopia as it existed 1,000 years ago. You play the role of a Lupe who has been transported back in time and must find his way in this mysterious and magical world.

    The object of the game is to find out why the world has been overrun with vicious creatures and monsters, and put a stop to it. You must explore around the world to find out who is behind it all. Along the way, you will fight many monsters, gather items, and complete quests.

    Each of your 4 regular NeoPets can have their own game within NeoQuest, so you can have up to 4 games running simultaneously. To change which game you're playing, simply change your active pet like you normally would. The premise behind NeoQuest is that your pet is actually playing a computer game, in which your pet is taking control of a white Lupe who has been transported back in time to ancient Neopia.

    Exploring the World

    You move around the world by using the 8 directional arrows to the right of the map. Sometimes you will encounter caves, ruins, and other places that you can enter or use. When this happens, you will see a "Go!" link appear above the directional arrows. Different maps have different visibility, so you may not be able to see as far inside a cave as you can when exploring the outside world.

    Also, certain kinds of terrain are impassable and cannot be crossed. Mountains, water, solid rock, and stone walls cannot be moved onto or over; locked doors require a key in order to pass through them (and every locked door has its own key!).

    Levels and Experience

    All characters start the game at level 1. As you defeat monsters, you will gain experience points. After you gain enough experience points, you will gain a level. The maximum level you can gain is 50. Fighting creatures that are weaker than you will generally gain you less experience than fighting creatures that are closer to your strength.


    There are also skills that you can choose to customise your character's fighting abilities. There are five skill trees; you can find out more about the skill trees by clicking here. You start the game with 7 skill points to assign, and gain another skill point every level. You will also start the game with a starting weapon, to enhance your combat abilities.


    As you roam the world, you will randomly encounter monsters. When you are fighting a monster, you can choose to use your regular attack (blasting them with a beam of magical power); use one of your extra skills; use a healing potion; flee from the monster (if you do not want to fight); or do nothing at all. Once the monster's health drops to zero or below, it is defeated, and you will gain experience points and possibly items for defeating it. Monsters that are too weak compared to you will not grant any experience, though they can still give you items.

    Your chance to encounter a monster as you roam the world is affected by your movement type. There are three types:

  • Normal - this gives you an average chance to encounter creatures on each step you take
  • Hunting - this gives you an greatly increased chance to encounter creatures on each step you take, as you are hunting them down
  • Sneaking - this gives you an greatly reduced chance to encounter creatures on each step you take, as you are trying to avoid them

    You may change your movement type whenever you are not in combat, by clicking on the movement type above the map.

    Healing Potions, Health, and Defeat

    Any monster you fight has a chance to drop a healing potion when you defeat it. Healing potions can be used while you are wandering around, or in combat, to give yourself health back. If your health drops to zero or below, you will be defeated and will lose experience, so be careful! And be extra-cautious on Insane difficulty... if you lose a battle there, your Lupe will be KILLED and you will have to start over!

    Non-Player Characters

    There are some NPCs (Non-Player Characters) scattered around the world who will give you information about this ancient Neopia, and some of them can serve other functions, like healing you or giving you quests. For example, they may ask you to collect a certain set of items for them, and turning in those items will gain you a reward. Be sure to talk to every NPC you see. Some NPCs will have additional things to say once you complete certain quests or defeat certain creatures.

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