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    Mr. Irgo

    Mr. Irgo

    Mr. Irgo says, "Hmm... You look suitable for a task I have in mind."

    You say, "Who are you?"

    Mr. Irgo says, "My name is Mr. Irgo. I sell valuable pieces of monsters on the black market; living gemstones, body parts of certain beasts, and so on."

    You say, "What task do you have in mind?"

    Mr. Irgo says, "I need you to collect things for me. The first is a set of gems, or rather, pieces of the living rock creatures that inhabit these caves. I need a piece of agate, a piece of chrysolite, and a piece of serpentine. If you bring me these, I will chip off a fragment of each and create a new piece of armour for you: an energy absorber."

    "The second set of things I need are pieces of the drakonids who live here: an eye, a hide, and a heart. Bring me these and I can draw some of their magical power away to make you an robe of protection."

    Energy Absorber piece of agate piece of chrysolite piece of serpentine
    Robe of Protection eye of drakonid hide of drakonid heart of drakonid

    You attempted to give Mr. Irgo the following items:
    * drakonid eye
    * drakonid heart
    * drakonid hide
    Mr. Irgo takes the drakonid body parts from you, and folds a large piece of cloth around them that he has produced from under his cloak. He holds the folded cloth gently in the air, swinging it back and forth with one hand as he chants unintelligible words and gestures toward the cloth with his wand. It begins to glow, first a faint red, then a brighter, hotter orange, yellow, and finally blinding white. Eventually he stops, and lets the cloth flutter to the ground. It cools and darkens, and you see now that it is a finely woven silk robe, covered with an intricate pattern of red and orange flames. He picks the robe up off the ground, unfolds it and removes the drakonid body parts, and then hands you the robe. "As I promised you, here is a Robe of Protection. Now begone, as I have work to do."
    Mr. Irgo gave you a ROBE OF PROTECTION!

    You attempted to give Mr. Irgo the following items:
    * piece of agate
    * piece of chrysolite
    * piece of serpentine
    Mr. Irgo takes the crystals from you, and quickly chips off a sliver from each one. He then turns and, waving a wand, blasts a chunk of rock out of the wall near you, showering you with rock fragments and dirt. Irgo takes the rock, presses the crystal slivers into nooks and crannies on the rock's surface, and begins enchanting it with his wand. After a few minutes, the rock has transformed into a sleek, smooth metal shell that looks like it would fit over your hand. "Here you go, as I promised, an Energy Absorber. Now begone. I must continue my work."
    Mr. Irgo gave you a ENERGY ABSORBER!

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