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Safeway once operated with a different private label for nearly every item. Edwards for coffee, Lucerne for dairy, Cragmont for soda, and the list went on and on. Over the years, Safeway has increasingly eliminated the multiple private label lines in favor of fewer lines. By the mid 1990�s, the private label line consisted of Town House for private label dry grocery, Crown Colony for spices, Mrs. Wright�s for private label bread items, Bel-Air for private label frozen foods and refrigerated orange juice, Lucerne for dairy, Safeway for non-food, and newborn Safeway Select as a premium quality label. Still scattered were labels like Best Buy (paper), Marigold (trash bags), and Par (ammonia/detergent). In the mid 1990�s, Safeway announced yet another private label realignment. This one was much more major. All private label dry grocery, frozen foods, and non-food would be under the Safeway name, including frozen foods. Lucerne was retained for dairy items, although certain Lucerne items, like eggs and canned/dry milk, ended up becoming Safeway brand. Mrs. Wright�s remained the private label for bread. Safeway Select continued growing to many product categories throughout the store, including perimeter areas like bakery and deli. Safeway has pretty much held onto the mid 1990�s private label realignment with one slight change. In probably 2001, Safeway branded bread items started appearing in the stores. Up until just a few months ago, you could still find some Mrs. Wright�s items on the bread wall, but that is no longer the case now, as the last item still using the Mrs. Wright�s packaging, English muffins, is now fully converted to the new Safeway brand packaging.
Old Crown Colony packaging. Probably mid 1970's.
New format Crown Colony items, purchased as the line was being discontinued sometime around 1996 and spices converted over to the Safeway label. When this happened, the variety of the spices fell. For instance, Crown Colony's product mix included a full assortment of extracts. When the conversion to Safeway Brand started, the only extract offered under the Safeway label was (and still is) Vanilla.
Varying package designs. I believe the raisin box on the left is older than the one on the right.
Town House items mostly in the final Town House package format. The date package, purchased in 1996, had an interesting S enclosed in a Canadian red leaf.
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