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spacer.gif (836 bytes)capa.gif (1407 bytes)lthough I personally always felt that the highlight of ANOMALY—and what set it apart from most other zines—was its nonfiction articles, we printed fiction too, some of it rather good, some of it experimental, some of it nothing to write home about. One thing we did try to do, more or less successfully, I think, was try to print fiction that was in some way different from what the other fanzines were doing. Our fiction was more military, more science fictional, less sentimental. Some of it was very dark indeed.
spacer.gif (836 bytes)In this section of the Battlestar Zone, we’ll feature fiction, some of it originally printed in
ANOMALY, some of it intended for the zine, and perhaps some all-new stories as well. Note that HTML really mangles text; I have tried to format these stories in a more traditional way, and some of the sections can take about a minute to load.

1. Colonial Chronology. My deduced chronology I use, including the modified chronology for The School of Fear.

2. The School of Fear by Susan J. Paxton. ANOMALY ended its run with issue 20; this story was intended for issue 21, and would have been at least a two-parter due it its length. This story is based on characters from the series and some of my own characters I developed near the end of ANOMALY’s run. BG never had a decent female character worth speaking of—Sheba remained a potential unfulfilled, Athena was never used correctly, and Cassiopiea, the best of all of them and a notable character in her own right, was a civilian, so, borrowing a name from Boxey, I created Miriam, who appeared in several stories of mine; this story builds predominently on the characters and action of Endings and Beginnings, a story in ANOMALY 19 that was set in the months prior to the holocaust and that is reprinted here. The School of Fear also addresses the complaint that BG was about running. In this story, set thirty yahrens after the Cylon attack on the Colonies, which was less destructive than it might have been because Commander Adama disobeyed orders and launched on warning, the Colonials have won the war. A yahren or so later, the civilians are muttering about a peace dividend and the Fleet is looking for something to do, and that something is a mission to find Kobol—which leads to assorted unforeseen consequences. My own feeling is that the story’s not bad, but we’ll see what you think.

3. Endings and Beginnings by Susan J. Paxton. Originally published in ANOMALY 19, this story covers the last few months before the holocaust. This slightly rewritten version features the original ending that led into the events of the Battlestar Galactica series, and a new ending that leads into The School of  Fear.

4. Demons are Forever by Hack ’n Slash Garcia. Pyramids was an interesting BG fanzine. For one thing, it printed a grand total of two issues before the editors up and joined the Army. For another, it was graphically one of the handsomest BG zines on record; the copy I have has a striking black cover with silver lettering and illustrations. As is normal for fanzines, the stories varied widely in quality, but one of them was the funniest BG story I've ever read. They only printed part one—for all I know part two was never even written—but it’s amusing enough to run by itself. For several years I tried to hunt down the writer of the story and/or the editors of Pyramids, with absolutely no luck, so I reprinted this story in ANOMALY 19,  apologetically without permission. It was worth it just to get it back into print. Without further ado, then, reprinted from Pyramids 1 (September 1984) and ANOMALY 19Demons Are Forever.


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