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1. A list of useful magazine articles about Battlestar Galactica, including some unusual ones. Some of the listings are linked to gifs of the magazine in question.

2. An article about BG Unsolved Mysteries. An earlier version of this article is posted on the website.

3. A not-so-positive review of Richard Hatch’s novel Battlestar Galactica: Armageddon.

4. Michael Daly analyses John Kenneth Muir’s contention in his Analytical Guide to Battlestar Galactica that BG portrays a fascist society.

5. I look at John Kenneth Muir’s recommendations for improving a BG revival and add some of my own.

6. Joe Sherlock takes a highly interesting look at the connections between Battlestar Galactica and Mormon doctrine.

7. Larry Mager had a chance to examine the actual prop laser rifle and laser pistols used by the Colonials in BG; here’s his report, complete with his original photographs of the props.

8. I’ve seen way too many CGI vipers that look like the Monogram kit and not like the vipers seen in the series. Here’s a brief look at some of the differences.

9. A short article that reviews an interesting promotional film produced by McDonnell-Douglas in the mid 1980s that compared their Hornet fighter to the viper.

10. An interesting article by Swedish BG fan Kajsa Berg that takes an unusual, critical view of Commander Cain.

11. A review of an article by Mark Seigal originally published in the Canadian journal Science Fiction Studies that attempted to damn BG’s characterization in comparison to that of Star Wars and Star Trek. Nice try, doofus.

12. For ANOMALY 12, I asked the zine’s readers to rate the episodes of BG. This is the result, with some insightful comments.

13. Larry Mager is perhaps the leading fan expert on the BG warrior uniforms. Here are the results of his researches.

14. What were the names of the 12 Colonial battlestars? Here’s a possible answer.

15. After becoming well-known through his work on Star Wars, artist Ralph McQuarrie produced several preproduction paintings for BG.

16. A brief look at the Sci-Fi Channel’s Sciography special on BG.

17. As Captain Apollo knows, the opposite of war isn’t peace, not for the Colonials, and not for us.

18. Scott Mantz reveals how he became Sciography’s “Number One Galactica Fan!”

19. A good long look at John Kenneth Muir’s book An Analytical Guide to Television’s Battlestar Galactica proves beyond a doubt that his current claims to be a BG expert are false.

20. Fan LucianG reports on Battlestar Galactica Fan Appreciation Day held at DragonCon 2001 in Atlanta in this report reprinted from

21. NEW! The Different Versions of the Battlestar Galactica Pilot Episode by John Larocque covers all of the known extent versions of the pilot with which scenes appeared where. A very important guide to this incredibly tangled subject!

22. NEW! The Battlestar Names and Their Name Sources by John Larocque discusses the varying names that have been proposed for the battlestars. Itís an interesting comparison with  article 14 above.



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