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spacer.gif (836 bytes)I am not a one-note person; I have a wide variety of interests (too many, perhaps). Here are some of my favorite non-Battlestar Galactica links to share with you.

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KODAK: The Endurance An absolutely wonderful site devoted to the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton. This site especially focuses on the photography of expedition photographer Frank Hurley, whose photographs of the Endurance in the grip of the icepack have become legend. Includes photographs Hurley took using an early color process. A great site and very informative.

NOVA Online | Shackleton's Antarctic Odyssey PBS’ famed NOVA series recently produced a new documentary about Sir Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance voyage. Check this site   for information about Shackleton and his expedition. Not nearly as nice as the Kodak site, though.

HMS Trincomalee Trust The official site of the organization responsible for restoring this teak-built Royal Navy frigate of 1817. The restoration is now finished and the ship is beautiful! Lots of photos and information here.

The Crow’s Nest - The S.S. Canberra Site Probably the best site devoted to a liner I’ve yet come across, this excellent site is devoted to the P&O liner Canberra, the last big liner to come out of the Belfast yards of Harland & Wolff, and follows her entire career from her inception, through her long passenger service, her trooping duties during the Falklands war, and her tragic death at the hands of Pakistani scrappers. Highly recommended!

Meyer Werft - Intro (Rahmenaufteilung) The very well-done site of the German shipbuilders Meyer Werft. They have an updated-weekly web cam view of the liner Brilliance of the Seas (what a name!)  being constructed under cover in one of the shipyard’s building docks. The site is available in English and German.  This is a tribute to the Royal Navy battlecruiser Hood, sunk by the Bismarck in 1941, discovered in 2001, and should serve as an example for anyone thinking of doing something similar. Really a wonderful site.

DISCOVERY POINT - Home of Captain Scott's Polar Exploration Ship RRS Discovery Visit the Discovery, the preserved ship from Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s first Antarctic expedition. A really well-done site.

Mary Rose A very good site about the Mary Rose, lost on July 19, 1545, and recovered in 1982, preserved now in Portsmouth only feet from HMS Victory and HMS Warrior. An extremely informative site, a true rarity on the web.

Battle of Cape St. Vincent - HMS Victory A photo tour of HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar in 1805. This particular page is part of a site commemorating the 200th anniversary in 1997 of the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, where Victory was the flagship of Admiral Sir John Jervis (later Earl St. Vincent).

HMS Warrior virtual tour This site features a comprehensive photo tour of HMS Warrior (1860), the Royal Navy’s first ironclad warship, rescued after decades of serving as a jetty at a fueling dock (!). Anyone familiar with the restoration effort realizes what a massive project this was, and the result is absolutely spectacular.

HMS Unicorn This is an extremely complete photo tour of the frigate HMS Unicorn, a frigate of 1824 which is still afloat in Dundee Scotland. Although she has not been restored yet, much of her interior is intact and the photos give a good idea of how the ship was constructed. This ship is undergoing a very slow restoration process as funds permit. A sister ship of Unicorn, HMS Trincomalee, is being restored at the same site where HMS Warrior was restored (see Trincomalee sites above).

The Frigate Unicorn The official site of the Unicorn, with information for visitors.

HMS Rodney hompage Created by the grandson of a man who served aboard her, this site is dedicated to the battleship HMS Rodney, which helped sink the Bismarck in 1941 and shelled the Normandy beaches in 1944.

Battleships, Carriers, and all other warships A very comprehensive and growing database of information about warships of the 20th century. A fact-filled site.

The Greyhound Navy A site dedicated to the Spruance-class destroyers.

Broadside A site dedicated to the classic period of the Royal Navy in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The SS United States Ocean Liner..World's Fastest Luxury Liner..Welcome Aboard A very interesting site dedicated to the fastest and most powerful liner ever built, the SS United States. Features lots of photos of her current condition as well as photos taken during her prime. Check out the shot of her doing over 20 knots in reverse!

U.S. Brig NIAGARA Niagara is a nearly perfect recreation of Perry’s flagship at the Battle of Lake Erie.Check here for news and her sailing schedule. If she’s near you, pay her a visit—she’s a lot more authentic than that tub of a Constitution in Boston.

Travels with the Rose Rose is a replica of a British 28 gun frigate of the Revolutionary war period. Check here for her sailing schedule.

The Mother of All Maritime Links: Contents Exactly what it says it is. More links for ships and nautical subjects than you can possibly imagine.



Yes, there’s only one way to travel, and it’s not diesel-electric, God forbid.....

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust I love these people. They are currently building, from scratch, from the ground up, an A1 Peppercorn class Pacific (4-6-2) steam locomotive for use on British mainline steam tours. Recently updated!

Bluebell Railway The Bluebell Railway is Britain’s premiere historic railway preservation group. It is the only UK historic railway where you will not, ever, see or hear a diesel. They even do their own switching by steam. Yes!

The Maunsell Locomotive Society A British group dedicated to restoring steam engines designed by the Southern Railway’s famous designer Richard Maunsell.

BULLEID'S HOME PAGE A homepage dedicated to remembering Maunsell’s successor, Oliver Bulleid, and his locomotive designs.

North American Steam Locomotives A fantastic site full of information about steam in the United States, including reference material on the various classes, listings of preserved engines, and lots of illustrations.

The Detroit, Toledo, & Ironton Railroad Historical Page A site remembering the great days of the Detroit, Toledo, & Ironton. Although the DT&I was bought out at the turn of the 80s, I can remember seeing old rolling stock still in DT&I colors in trainyards around Toledo up until the early 90s (update—in March 2001 I saw two DT&I boxcars in a train in Columbus! Amazing how long old rolling stock hangs on without being repainted!).

Bigboy 4018 There is a great deal of controversy in the rail community as to whether this group is on the up and up, but if they are, who among us wouldn’t love to see a Union Pacific Big Boy (4-8-8-4) returned to operating status?!



Homeworld This  game from Sierra reminds me of nothing so much as Battlestar Galactica itself! Check it out.

Alpha Centauri Absolutely the finest strategy game of all time, no surprise coming from Sid Meier. I can’t recommend a game more highly than this one. If you already have it, buy the add-on pack, Alien Crossfire.



GLADIATOR, Maximum Russell Crowe Yes, Russell Crowe truly kicks butt in Gladiator. This is a great fan site here on GeoCities devoted to the up and coming actor from New Zealand; this section of the site is devoted to his role as General Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator; other portions of the site focus on his many other film appearances. A truly excellent site!

Welcome to  Russell Crowe’s official site.

TOMAS ARANA The handsome official site of actor Tomas Arana, who portrays Quintus in Gladiator. Includes his thoughts on working on Gladiator with Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe.

Koyaanisqatsi- an independent film by Coppola, Reggio, and Fricke Will there be a third film in this brilliant series? This is the official site; let’s hope so.

UFO Series Home Page Probably the best overall UFO page, in my view; lots of info, images, sounds, etc. Why the heck hasn’t UFO been revived yet?!

ufo A fun UFO site from Belgium. Check out the cool animated UFO gifs!  An excellent site devoted to Emergency! Info, cast bios, photos, “Where are they now?” (including the station house, squads, and fire engines!), and fun stuff. Well worth visiting for Emergency! fans.

Dragnet I guess you’d have to call this a “Webb site!” Mostly devoted to the 1967-1970 incarnation of Dragnet. Tons of information here for all Jack Webb fans.



The Hamster Dance Yep. Check it out. Davey Jones must love this, wherever he’s gotten off to....

it's all one. What can one say about Dr. Bronner’s soap? Not only is it good soap, it’s got those whacky sayings all over the bottle. Remember, DILUTE DILUTE OK!

Dr. Bronner Peppermint Soap This site has the entire label of a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap transcribed for your reading pleasure. All-one or none!!

Dr. Bronners Actually a useful site, includes info on using Dr. Bronner’s soap as an insecticide (hey, if it’s an insecticide, why are we putting on our bods?! Oh well. All-one all-one all-one!).

Exploding Whale page Enough about Dr. Bronner, here’s the incredible exploding whale.

Strawberry Poptart Blow Torches The home of Strawberry Pop-Tart blow torches. They burn wonderfully. Check it out.

TWINKIES A page of good science about Twinkies. Really!

Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head Home Page Another incredibly weird page. In the old days, stupid people did not survive to breed. There were wars, plagues, people got stepped on by cows, etc. Unfortunately all these idiots live to breed now...but some of them still take themselves out of the gene pool in spectacular ways. You! Out of the gene pool!

Customers All of us are customers. Unfortunately some customers are total &#@holes. Several of my own customers are immortalized at this site. These guys blow stuff up. Cool.



yankees.gif (1162 bytes)New York Yankees What “Team of the Decade?!” Guess those Atlanta fans are just gonna have to pack up their foam-rubber tomahawks and go home!

Columbus Clippers Our team, our town! The place to see up and coming Yankees stars of the future and current Yankees on rehab; I’ve seen Derek Jeter, Hideki Irabu, el Duque Orlando Hernandez, Shane Spencer, Ricky Ledee, and Clay Bellinger make it to the Yanks, Mike Lowell do well with the Marlins, and that goofy Darryl Strawberry on rehab, plus future stars like D’Angelo Jimenez (remember that name—he’s going to be big wherever he ends up) and Kurt Bierek.

Columbus Crew “America’s hardest-working team”, the Crew are the first team in Major League Soccer to have their own purpose-built soccer stadium, the first one in the USA!

Columbus Bluejackets Columbus’ own NHL team, currently in their second season of play in the beautiful new Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus. I still think they should have been the Columbus Mad Cows. Oh well.



Encyclopedia Titanica: Titanic Research, Passenger and Crew Biographies, Pictures, Articles ... The Titanic site; more info here than at any other Titanic site on the web.

Thomas Andrews - Builder of the Ship of Dreams An excellent site here on GeoCities dedicated to Thomas Andrews, the builder of the Titanic.

The Titanic Modeling Association Want to build an accurate model of the Titanic from the available kits? This is the place to go. Also has sections for modelers interested in the Britannic and the Queen Mary.

Dalbeattie Town History - Murdoch of the 'Titanic' An informative site dedicated to First Officer Murdoch.

Harold Bride A GeoCities site dedicated to junior Marconi Operator Harold Bride.

Titanic Heroes A GeoCities site about the Titanic’s officers.

The Ioan Gruffrudd Home Page Home page devoted to the young Welsh actor who portrayed Fifth Officer Lowe. Interestingly, a poll on the site indicates his fans far prefer him in his later role as Horatio Hornblower!

Father Thomas Byles of the Titanic An interesting site devoted to the memory of Father Thomas Byles, a Catholic priest who was lost with the Titanic. Regularly updated.

Harland & Wolff The homepage of Harland & Wolff, the Belfast shipbuilders who built the Titanic, and are still very much in business.

Britannic 98 Technical Diving Expedition A very good site devoted to a recent diving expedition on the Britannic, the Titanic’s sister ship, which sank in the Aegean during WWI while serving as a hospital ship.

RMS Olympic A site devoted to the successful member of the 3-ship Olympic class of liners, the Olympic.

The Official Britannic Research Centre A site featuring the third of the Olympic class liners, the unfortunate Britannic.


I specialize in 1/35 scale armor, so these links are slanted towards armor modeling....

Tony Matteliano’s Scale Model Index The place to begin your modeling web search! Links to over 2300 modeling sites for all subjects. Wow!

Track-Link A site entirely devoted to armor modeling, includes reviews of new kits, articles, an inspirational gallery of model photos, and more. Seems to be down more often than up these days.

HyperScale - an on-line magazine for Scale Modellers A great and continuously updated site for airplane and armor modelers with reviews, articles, gallerys, etc, run by the redoubtable Brett Greene from Australia. Very much worth your time if you’re a modeler!

AFV Interiors A great reference site  that regularly carries photos of tank and other armored vehicle interiors. One of the best armor sites out there, in my view. Check it regularly because the pictures change.

Panzer Markings Another noteworthy GeoCities site, this one by Bill Murphy, author of Volume 1 of the classic Panzer Colors. On his site he corrects errors in the book and covers new discoveries about German armor markings and camouflage since the book was published. Another must-see site for armor modelers.

Achtung Panzer! - Prototypes ! An info-rich site devoted to the WWII German Panzer forces. Includes a section on prototypes and rare vehicles, plus the Panzer of the Month and a Panzer Quiz!

Missing Links Main Page Another info-rich site devoted to armored vehicle modeling. Photos, articles, discussion boards, you name it.

Panzer IV Universe Not much here yet, but this site is entirely devoted to the Pzkpfw IV tank, which is a rich subject indeed.

Panzer Colors Some interesting photos of German armored vehicles still in their original WWII colors.

Main Page - Das Reich A site entirely devoted tto the 2nd SS Panzer divison Das Reich.

PanzerWerke A site which might eventually be very interesting if the author ever gets around to posting his material on German armor production lines. As is, there are already some useful photos, some in color, here.

Rob’s Panther Page A site devoted to the Panther.

Technical Virture An excellent site covering German experimental and prototype armored vehicles of WWII. Lots of reference material on unusual vehicles here.

IDF Sherman M32ARV A number of really useful photos of the Israeli Sherman Armored Recovery vehicle. The wallpaper is a little hard to take, though....

Armor In Scale - Home Page Homepage of the Central Virginia chapter of the Armor Modeling & Preservation Society, includes articles and photos.



The only kind!

The Tornado Project Online The Tornado Project! Lots of info, links, photos, and buy your Fujita Scale posters here!

Chuck Doswell’s Home Page Doswell is one of the premiere storm chasers, and a scientist who works with the NSSL. Check out his description of the terrifying Oklahoma City tornado chase.

Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) The site to go to for the very latest information on watches and warnings in your or any other area. This site is updated every few minutes.

National Severe Storms Laboratory Home of Operation Vortex.

Storm Chaser Homepage Check it out! Lots of photos and information on storm chasing here. But before you chase, read....

Chase Safety Chuck Doswell’s thoughtful article on storm chasing with safety and responsibility.

Cailyn and Jennie Lloyd, Storm Photography

Buckeye Wx Ohio State University’s weather page. Every spring they host a Severe Weather Conference which is well worth attending if you’re in the Columbus area; I’ve been to the last two and learned a lot. Check this page for details.


Some people believe the space program is a waste of money. Frankly, it’s one of two items on the national budget I fully support, the other being defense.

Space Telescope Science Institute Home page for the Hubble space telescope; check for the latest images and news here, plus images from the earlier years of the HST.

Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft A NASA document outlining the history of Project Apollo. Very interesting; a good place to start researching the subject.

The Apollo Saturn Reference Page A very informative site covering the Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets. Anyone who has ever seen the Saturn V realizes that it makes the space shuttle look like the pathetic toy it is.

Ninfinger Productions: Scale Models A good space modeling website.

All About Guppies What are Guppies, you ask? Modified Boeing Stratocruiser airliners used by NASA to ferry rocket parts during the Apollo program, that’s what. This page covers the complete Guppy evolution with information on each airplane. And, the Guppy lives on, with Airbus building its own version of the Guppy, the Beluga! A really interesting site for geeks like us.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal Lots of info here; this site covers all six lunar landing missions, with tons of material, photos, transcripts, etc.

Kennedy Space Center Home Page The official site for KSC, check for latest launch info and visitor information here. Like all of the NASA sites, well done and informative.

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center I have a friend who works here and he wants everyone to know that DFRC has NOTHING to do with the doofi at JPL who couldn’t hit Mars if their lives depended on it (too bad their flipping JOBS don’t apparently depend on it!). Lots of very cool research goes on here. Especially check out....

Dryden Research Aircraft Gallery An exceptionally neat photo gallery of many of the test aircraft flown at Dryden both currently and over the years.



I am a news junkie.

BBC News | FRONT PAGE | front page This is my start page. You can’t do better for news than the BBC.

Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering - EJSE A good site to visit if you’re interested in the engineering aspects of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.

Sojourners Online The homepage of Sojourners magazine and Jim Wallis, a progressive Evangelical Christian voice. Check it out!

Arianna Online I can’t imagine why the Republicans haven’t run her out on a rail yet, because she’s the sole voice of sanity remaining inside the party. Her columns are always interesting whether or not you agree with her viewpoint.

EVEREST NEWS News Page Everest News is not only a source for current climbing news, but has been a leader in following the Mallory-Irvine debate; did they summit Everest? And what happened to them? A lot of good information and interesting controversy here.

CHAOS MANOR IN PERSPECTIVE I don’t often agree with Jerry Pournelle, but he’s always worth reading.

The United States Mint Keep track of those nutty state quarters here.

The British Monarchy The Revolution was a terrible mistake! Seriously, there’s a lot of really interesting information here about the history of the monarchy, details about the various orders of knighthood, and so forth. Even find out why HM the Queen is a devoted corgi nut. Worth a visit.






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