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spacer.gif (836 bytes)capt.gif (1197 bytes)he information in the Battlestar Galactica glossary is almost entirely taken from the episodes or the scripts themselves. Information in various official publications about BG, including the novelizations, the BG Poster Magazine, the BG Scrapbook and the Encyclopedia Galactica, is often contradictory of the episodes. I also have not included information from unshot scripts (unless noted) or, God help us, Galactica 1980. Spellings have been deduced from pronunciation or, in other cases, adopted from the novelizations which, although sometimes not accurate, were written from the scripts and so presumably use their spellings.
spacer.gif (836 bytes)When a piece of information is taken directly from a specific episode, that episode is identified by an abbreviation in parentheses. The episode abbreviations are as follows:

(P) Premiere (YL) Young Lords (GE) Greetings from Earth
(LG) Lost Planet of the Gods (LL) Living Legend (BE) Baltar’s Escape
(LW) Lost Warrior (FS) Fire in Space (ET) Experiment in Terra
(LP) Long Patrol (WG) War of the Gods (TC) Take the Celestra
(GI) Gun on Ice Planet Zero (MN) Man with Nine Lives (HG) The Hand of God
(MW) Magnificent Warriors (MR) Murder on the Rising Star

spacer.gif (836 bytes)The Anomaly BG Concordance was originally printed in 1987 and went through two printings. This represents a somewhat updated and altered form of that information. In addition to the glossary, the original Concordance also included a listing of episodes, an article about the changes made to the premiere, and a listing of relevant magazine articles, all of which also appear, in updated form, on this site. Anyone who has additional information or corrections or suggestions of any kind, please let me know. Some of the spellings in particular may be incorrect because I do not have all of the scripts.
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mailto:[email protected]

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