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    Lummock Sendent

    Lummock Sendent
    Lummock is a minor collector and amateur weaponsmith, who will provide you with a basic weapon if you can bring him the correct items!

    You say, "What do you do here?"

    Lummock Sendent says, "I sell some basic magic wands that you might be interested in. There are five wands: the Red Wand, which focuses the power of Fire Magic; the Blue Wand, which is for Ice Magic; the Yellow Wand, for Shock Magic; the Black Wand, which is for Spectral Magic, and finally the White Wand, for Life Magic. If you bring me some things, I'll give you one of the wands."

    You say, "What things?"

    Lummock Sendent says, "Well, you seem pretty new here, so I'll make it easy. I need four things: a gray lupe fang, a grizzly bear tooth, a dire lupe pelt, and a black bear paw. Bring me two at a time and I'll give you one of the wands.

    Magic Type Weapon Level 1 - -
    Fire Red Wand gray lupe fang grizzly bearog tooth
    Ice Blue Wand gray lupe fang dire lupe pelt
    Shock Yellow Wand grizzly bearog tooth black bearog paw
    Spectral Black Wand dire lupe pelt black bearog paw
    life White Wand gray lupe fang black bearog paw

    You say, "Where can I find bears and lupes?"

    Lummock Sendent says, "Gray lupes, black bears, grizzly bears, and dire lupes roam the Hills of Jub to the northwest. You might need to go pretty far west to find them all...".

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