This Sounds Stupid (Fun) Can I Join?
Stupid? Well, we are truly sorry to have disappointed you, but this begs the question (doesn't it?) On the other hand:

Sounds like fun? Like it here? Want to stay? Well, pull up a chair and sit by our fire ... it can be cold "out there" where the wild wind blows. We welcome you....

TorHavn seeks people from all walks of life, any who wish to participate, to the fullest of their ability. While WE do not count TorHavn as a "game", we certainly understand if our passion might scare other people who aren't used to taking themselves seriously, either.

Anyone may join, so long as they agree with (most of) the precepts of our nation --- even if they're not yet ready to "move in with us". If you recycle, keep yourself (as) fit (as it is possible; don't ruin your health!), have a love of "king & country", understand the concepts of honour and the "warrior's way" ..... then we'd love to have you with us.

What's In It For Me?
Every citizen of TorHavn may:

(A) participate in the establishment of laws in TorHavn. Laws passed by the Commons travel to the Peers (Upper House), where the opinions of the Nobles present are thereby made known to the Crown, who will then ratify it.

All citizens are Councilors on the Lower House of Council (the House of Commons will be established when the number of citizens reaches 25). Later, when the population reaches a point where direct voting in the Lower House becomes impractical (!), then proxy representatives shall be chosen instead).

All Councilors (of both Houses) serve for life, unless forcibly removed. Any citizen may sponsor a Law to the Lower House themselves (or may, if ennobled, carry it to the Commons, as a Petitioner).

(B) Become ennobled -- sit on the Upper House instead of the Lower House, to advise the Twin Monarchs in time of need. Any citizen may aspire to Knighthood, or may receive ennobling from the Crown for service rendered or great deeds done. Only the Co-Monarchs may ennoble or knight a Citizen.

Later, when TorHavn has land, any citizen not already ennobled may receive a landed barony in return for administering the Land (in service to the Crown).

(C) Even though there is currently no actual territory claimed, we have established a "capital city" -- which we have named: Sequoia (Cyber)City. Any and all citizens have the indisputable right to "live" in Sequoia, and have their home page or business listed here for free (like having their house or business "built" there. All we ask is that those who list with us link back to us. One button (click here for the graphic & directions. Of course, if you come up with a design, we'd be happy to list it here, too!)

Anything is possible.

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HAIL TORHAVN!  "Loyalty above all else ... except honour"
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