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YOUR worst nightmare.

Hello, I am Himeko Katagiri. I have been called by many handles throughout my online quest of becoming the greatest cowlick of them all. I'm a NEET / general anime guy. I am interested in shoddily reviewing anime, talking trash and enjoy promoting the good works of our prophet Nagaru Tanigawa.

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If you can even call them that. I really am living in the past here...

It's been 20 years since 9-11, huh... Gee. Finally got time to write a new review, which can be read here. Life's been treating me well, which I figure is a plus these days. A new Lupin's coming out next season, new Madoka movie next year (bet it's gonna take everything shaft has to even get it out of the door, we'll see) but besides that it's been a pretty slow year. Lots of sequels coming up and I don't have the mind to remember them all, but they all seem to promise pretty good stuff so you better check them out. Signing out, peace!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates on this domain, life has unfortunately got in the way of things. You know how bad 2020 was. On a good note, I'm already drafting up a couple of reviews and that Kino's Journey review I talked about back in November is almost done, hopefully it'll be here by Monday. As this anime season goes along I'll also write my thoughts about the seasonals in here, might even write a special page for that so keep tuned, eh? Best of luck to you all!

Well, well. Haruhi's finally back on the block, huh?
If you're worth anything as an otaku you already know that Haruhi's back from a 9-year hiatus due tomorrow. So go check that out, they're also reprinting the older novels in paperback format.

Haruhi aside, I recently had the opportunity to watch Kino's Journey and I can positively say that it's one of the best anime I've ever seen. Expect a review of that soon.

About the reviews. Well, I'm getting there. Plans to expand this website and whatnot. You should expect to see it once a month on the 25th or 26th.

Finally gotten around making this website readable. You can read my new Berserk review here.
This morning I went to look at the news and surprise, surprise, yet another Arifureta anime season getting adapted. After all these years I thought people would be getting tired watching this crap. Especially in this case when Digibro autistically made a video essay series about just how bad it was.

At any rate *you* should be looking out for announcements regarding Made in Abyss soon, in which I hope they will reveal a PV in the follow-up to the movie.

(Older rants pruned because they were way out of context these days)