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important lookup links for addressing your letters to Italy with tips and hints next to the links to help you

The following genealogy articles will also help you in your Italian Genealogy Research:
  • Common Prefixes of Italian Surnames
  • David's Italian Form Letters to Italy
  • HOW to Do Your Own Italian Genealogy Research
  • Italian Genealogical Form Letters to Italy  
  • Italian HISTORY Highlights by Steve Saviello
  • Italian Naming Traditions
  • Italian Immigrant Origins - Italian Ancestors' Birth Place
  • Primary versus Secondary sources. An important lesson
  • Steve Saviello's Genealogy Research Guide
  • Italian Catholic Church Records
  • Italy FAQ's by Steve Saviello
  • More Family Tree Genealogy Help

    Genealogy Record Keeping
    Free genealogical documentation aids and organizational tools to help you keep track of your Family Tree Research including the easy to use "PAF" - Personal Ancestral File - Download links.

    Genealogy Translation Help-Aids
    FREE sites for Italian, Latin, Genealogy and Medical Glossaries, Ecclesiastical Abbreviations and old Italian Occupations and their modern English Equivalents. Easy to use sites for computerized translations are included on this list. Use machine translations to understand the meaning of short phrases or single words. Do not use them for sending letters to Italy or it will sound silly. Helpful list of Italian Regional Dialects is included on its own page:
  • Dialects of Italy
  • Surname Search Page of Board Links
    Italian Genealogy Online Italy Roots Message Board
    United States of America and General Genealogy Help
    Freedom of Information Act Request 
    Social Security Application REQUEST Form Letter
    Ships Lists & Searches

    Italian Form Letters
    Italy Genealogy Family Tree Help
    Italian Names
    Passenger Ships
    Genealogy Record Keeping
    Translation Help-Aids
    USA_Genealogy Guide
    Italy Roots Message Board

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