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    Written by: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil
    Directed by: Karen Disher
    First Aired: June 30, 1997

    Cast | Quotes

    After their daughters violate an imaginary curfew, Helen and Jake - well, actually just Helen - devise an eloborate system of rules to keep the girls in line. It doesn't take Quinn very long to break these new rules, sending her and, for some reason, Daria to Family Court, where the fair and honorable Judge Jake sentences them to one month's grounding.

    Daria adjusts well to captivity, having no social life to be deprived of. Quinn, however, begins to go a little stir crazy, ultimately going as far as to read a *book* (gasp)! Jake and Helen have it no easier, losing board games to Daria and phone privileges to Quinn.

    Meanwhile, Kevin has misinterpreted Daria's comments at school about her incarceration, becoming convinced that Daria's parents are performing bizarre scientific experiments on her. Jane and Jodie go to the Morgendorffer homestead to investigate and find a fed-up Daria preparing to bust out (of the house; don't twist my words, you sick freaks!).

    The fugitive makes it to the Faculty-DJ roller hockey game at school, where a bloodthirsty student body eagerly awaits a repeat of last year's near-fatal accident for Mr. DeMartino. The fist fight that erupts between Ms. Barch and Rock 'n' Roll Randy is good enough.

    A good time is had by all, but like all good things it must come to an end and Daria must go home to face the music. It turns out that Jake and Helen are the ones who can't handle the music, Daria's harmonica music, to be precise. Rather than having to be imprisoned alongside their girls, the parents agree to let Daria and Quinn off on probation. Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

    Reflections, observations, crap like that
    Apparently, Daria did a little carpentry to pass the time during her confinement. The Morgendorffers' front door is usually hinged on the right (that's when you're inside the house, facing the door), but when Daria leaves for the roller hockey game, the door is suddenly hinged on the left.

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