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Wondering what is the history of Morris? How this town came about? Interesting facts? Check the site above and discover this unique place on the prairie-not just in the middle of no where, but somewhere!

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Networking Needs of Morris

Below is a list of our church community needs and other religious/noon-religious related information in Morris that I'm starting to compile as as of Tuesday, July 6th 2004. I have desired to do this for a long time after reading and listening to many similar community news (e.g. Praise FM 101.5 FM and Minnesota Christian Chronicle) bulletins. After participating in the Morris All American City 2004, I thought it was time to do this to better network and "work together" as a "faith" community:

-To better network the church body and others in this community to better serve our community in unexpected trials (e.g. July 4th Storm of 2003)
-To show our community we can "work together" in love despite our doctrinal differences/religious affiliation, social class, race/ethnic background, etc...
-To build relationships amongts each other working for one cause to better our community!

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."-Matthew 7:7

Places to share your need:
-Churches (listed below)
-KKOK 95.7 FM/KMRS 1230 AM Radio "Community Info Please" M-F's @10am
Call in your need at 320.589.3131 at 10am, which will be announced "on air" live!
-Salvation Army (info down below)
-Stevens County Human Services


  • Assumption Catholic Church (my personal site)

  • Rev. Tim Baltes
    Blessed: Building Resources, One of a kind Choir Director: Ken Hodgsons, Mass/Service in Espanol/Spanish on the first Saturdays of every month for local migrant workers, etc..
    Prayer Requests: Sister relationship church in Peru

  • Apostolic Christian Church, a personal research site I made

  • Blessed: Community Influence in various ways: Large group of young-adult doing annual Christmas Caroling around the Morris community (particularly the group home I work at every year,which they gave a present to each of our group home "consumer" (resident)-thanks all), etc...;

  • Faith Lutheran

  • Blessed: Church Building Conference Rooms, etc..
    Prayer Requests:

  • Federated Church of United Methodists

  • Pastor Hilda Parks
    Blessed: Quilters
    Prayer Requests:

  • First Baptist in yahoo search

  • Blessed: Choir Groups that come from different parts of the state, high number of Koreans,
    Prayer Requests:

  • First Lutheran Church

  • Pastor Todd Matson and College Pastor Kristina Braaten-Lee (see Lutheran Campus Ministry)
    Blessed: famous nationally known "New Wine" (youth) traveling contemporary choir group, etc..
    Prayer Requests:

  • Hossana Worship Center of AG

  • Pastor Tom Frangameir, Youth Pastor Tim
    Blessed: indoor basketball facility, sign on hwy 28, hosts: Special Touch Ministries, etc..
    Announcements: David Nichols from "Heart of the Father Ministries" July 11th-14th
    Prayer Requests:

  • Morris Community Church (my personal site)

  • Pat Franey, pastor; Neil Thielke, associate pastor; Kris Hanson, youth pastor
    Blessed: Anointed for Business Study Group, "Most Excellent Way" (starting Fall of 2004)-habits and addictions (e.g. drugs, alcohol,etc..)
    Announcement: Summer Institute of Ministry Training School
    Prayer Requests: Neil Thielke, associate pastor in Siberia-Russia (left 11/05/04)! Summer Missions Trips- from "Outfitters for Adventure" teaching in mission schools at: Siberia-Russia, Mongolia , Kenya, and Georgia

  • Morris Evangelical Free Church

  • Blessed: "Summmer Vacation Bible School: Son Games 2004" (7/19-7/23/04) and "Faith Weaver and Friends" (9/04-5/04: every Wed's @3:30-5pm) for kids, etc..
    . For more info (click here)
    Pastor Marlin; Associate Pastor ; Youth/College Pastor
    Announcements: "Former NFL Viking Footbal Player: Kurt Phoeger (now pastor at Cornerstone Free Church) Speaking" this Friday, June 23rd @7pm (Supper $5: Pizza, Tacos, etc.. @5:30p)
    (10/21/04) Patty Wente, Childrens Ministry Director asked for more volunteers for upcoming "Harvest Festival" on Sunday, October 31st @3:30-5:30p (1 hour shifts or more). Contact: [email protected]
    Prayer Requests: Mike Saeger, pastor has a medical condition (surgery on 11/8/04). Paul Burr with kids in Bolivia, South America (Praise FM on 7/6/04)

  • St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran

  • Blessed: etc...
    Prayer Requests:

  • Zion Lutheran Church

  • Pastor Jarvis
    Blessed: "Issues, Etc..." Radio Talk Show on KKOK 97.3/95.7 FM @6:30pm every Wednesdays, summer vocation school, etc...

    ...more or church angel directory

    Tour of Morris

    "How long does it take to get across Morris, MN? "


  • 2 Young Caucasian Hoodlums, might've stolen some car stereos over the Nov 18th-19th 06' weekend
  • Weather-Related

    -Winter (storm photos)
    Don't have to shovel? You can be very useful to help shovel for someone who isn't physically able. Look around (e.g. neighbor) to help someone that you might be a answer to prayer/blessing!

    -Summer (storm photos)
    Be a neighborhood watch person (e.g. thefts).

    Overall Community Prayer Requests

    -Hancock Family had a house fire on Tuesday (January 30th of 2007) evening. Up-coming fundraiser on Saturday, March 3rd @4:30-7:30pm at the local National Guard Armory (click-here for more details)
    -Morris family of 4 (mom and dad divorced) got into a severe car accident when their van hit ice in Sauk Centre. Mom is currently at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis recovering from a fracture. Her kids are "ok" (13 yr. old son got a cut, 7-10 yr. old daugther and 3-5 yr. old son "ok")
    -Local National Guard (deploying sometime October 2004 and currently in Fort Dix, NJ). Please pray for Adam Blair (who was injured in a recent attack in Iraq and 2 of his soldiers he was overseeing got killed) and family (as of 11/5/04). Feel free to "submit" any prayer requests of local soldiers (first name only if prefered and pictures is optional that can be posted here).


    -Hello all,
    It would be good to have an ICC meeting next week. Does Tuesday, March 1st at 9:00 pm work? Let's meet in the Mocassin Flower Room.
    I apologize for the last time, it actually slipped my mind even though I was trying to set it up.
    We can talk about having the annual talent show and the upcoming showing of the Passion in Edson on April 24th. IVCF is asking other churches and groups to help sponsor this showing. We think it can be a powerful way to reach out with the message of Christ, and should not be a one group event. Please pray and discuss this with your groups and churches how we can partner together for this outreach. The cost is around $650, so any help in that area would be greatly appreciated. Mostly start lifting it up in prayer.

    Thanks and God Bless,
    Inter-Christian Council (collaborative christian campus ministry group)
    -Missing UMM Student-Nathaniel Williams (picture-city of morris police dept) of Silver Springs, Maryland (Source: KSAX Ch. 5 on Monday, October 11th 5 o'clock news) and (Morris Sun Tribune on Thursday, October 14th 2004). He is currently being searched at Lake County, north of Two Harbors-Minnesota (see Lake County News Chronicle).
    Contact area churches: usachurch, -local church pastors, leaders, campus ministries, and churches-see list above (October-Pastor Appreciation Month)
    -local, state, and national government (especially during November 2004 Elections)

    Ways of Working Together

    Common Cup Coffee House

  • "Spirit brewing Coffeehouse becomes a place of ministry">

  • National Day of Prayer
    Picnic in the Park 2004
    ****We will be having a planning meeting on Thursday August 5th at 7pm at the Haavig Center for people interested in helping.**** Contact: Mark Haugen [email protected]>
    Annual Community Thanksgiving Supper, at Assumption Catholic Church on Thursday, November 25th @11a-1p
    Morris community (e.g. local churches, campus groups-Black Student Union, anyone who has that special heart to serve, etc...) is invited to be involved in "reaching out" to individuals/families who may just want to get together with others in the community and folks who may be "lonesome" or just looking for someone to share this special holiday as a community. Singles, college students, new members of the community, and anyone who don't have someone to be with (e.g. own family) during the holiday season are encouraged to come.
    To Volunteer, contact Morris Evangelical Free Church at 320.589.2808

    Extra "Fun-Labor" Hands: Employment Opportunities

    Community Service Person
    Work (12-27 hours a week) with local area youth one and one. Be a mentor, a positive role model, and a "Big" Friend. Besides helping w/youth on daily life skills (e.g. budgeting, socializing, etc..), get paid for having fun (video games, sports events, music concerts, or whatever you enjoy doing yourself)!Contact Sal/Jessica-Heartwood Home (Prairie Community Services) at 589.1556


    Do you ever get calls to help babysit a kids? Wouldn't it be nice to have a list?

    Child Care in Morris:

    Country Day Nursery
    2 Columbia Ave
    Morris, MN 56267

    Morris Area Child Care Center
    1001 1/2 Scotts Ave
    Morris, MN 56267

    Individual Babysitters Advertised in community:
    -Taylor, who has a newborn 6 mos old, 10 yrs old girl, and a 3 yr old sister she takes care of too! 589.1953

    Here is a list of mothers in need of babysitters for FREE if possible:
    -Sandi, has a little girl 7lbs 16 oz

    Subject: Fw: desperate for help! (FOUND!)
    Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 11:43:45 -0500

    Hi Pat, We just got a call and will be taking in a 19 month old and a 9 month old on an emergency placement tomarrow. We need to round up some equipment and diapers asap so I was wondering if you could send this out ASAP?

    Needed 3 child gates to block doorways
    2 highchairs
    2 car seats
    1 very sturdy walker for the 9 month old to be off the ground---she is big and strong
    1 sturdy full sized crib
    1 umbrella stroller must work well and
    1 full sized stroller a double would be best
    2 car seats toddler size not infant
    we would like to borrow these items until we can garage sale some of our own or purchase reasonably from you

    This part of the note is NOT for families with little ones in diapers themselves----it's for teens with jobs, singles, couples, parents and grandparents whose kids are past this stage
    We are also looking for some donated size 4 luv diapers---lots and lots we won't recieve any moneys for the kids care until at least the 12 of Jun so any and all help would be appreciated

    We also desperately need daycare for Wed. Thurs and Friday--this week-- not at our house. Pays 5$ an hour (2.50 an hour per child) we will be looking to set up long term day care for 20 -25 hours a week again not at our home. I also will be recruiting a few babysitters for here also.

    Newspaper Delivery

  • West Central Tribune, M-Sa from 5:30a-7am morning delivery (around $6 for a 40+ paper route throughout the city of Morris)

  • Contact: Chad 320.894.5209 (other local papers list in Minnesota)

    Outdoor Work

    Teen Looking for Indoor/Outdoor Job (e.g. raking, mowing lawns, shoveling, or whatever type of seasonal work

    Sales Tech Position

    Looking for a salesperson with technical skills to begin working the first of October 2005. Contact Radio Shack

    Seasonal Jobs/Internships Locally/Stevens County (State/Nation)

    SEPP Office
    Theatre Arcade Building
    (located right besides the Morris Movie Theatre)
    E. 5th St.
    Morris, MN 56267

    Other listings: Morris Sun Tribune (employment search

    Morris Community Ed (Contact Steve or Cindy)
    +coaching all sports
    +groundskeeper/maintenance of ball fields/parks
    +5 to 6 umpires for softball for grades 3 to 12
    5/27/05: Morris Community Ed is looking for one more ump for Tuesday night softball games @5:30&7:30p ($15/hour) beginning May 31st-June 5th. For more info, contact Steve Sterud O#320.589.4394 or C#320.670.6613.
    Ump Info Mtg: Tuesday, May 31st @10am at Morris Community Ed Room at Elem. Sch. Bldg
    Tournament: July 19th-20th
    Ump Training (*required) on June 9th at Mankato (gas will be covered), which there will be 5 other umps with you too during this short 6 week season.
    + 4 to 5 soccer coaches as soon as possible.
    -1 temporary (possible sub for future games) volleyball coordinator on Wednesday, September 14th 2005 @7p-9p at Morris Elementary School Gym. Duties: Make sure nets and equipment are there for the game, game goes well, and report score to Steve of Morris Community Ed. Pay: $10/hr *Note: Excellent time to get paid while doing homework! For more info: Steve Sterud O#320.589.4394 or C#320.760.6613

    Salvation Army-Part-Time Position

    Other Job Listings:

  • UMM Alumn Network, Sal's peronal site
  • UMM Career Center, 320.589.6065
  • Campus/Community Short-Term/Temporarily Volunteer Needs (Volunteer Links)

    Ice-Cream & Lolipops

    Ice Cream & Lollipops again this year. The theme for the art will be �Alternative Energy.� If we want to be involved then we�ll be offering volunteers to help with storytelling and/or serving ice cream. The dates are May 19, 20, & 21. This year, unlike in the past, high school students will not be helping because the service program at the high school was cut (lack of funds). So, if you think you can help out, let me know (Athena's PRCA E-mail) as soon as possible. If a few of us can help, then we�ll be official co-sponsors of IC&L.

    Prairie Pioneer Days
    *Note: This event is done, but thanks to all the volunteers!


    The Prairie Pioneer Days Committee is still in need of volunteers to help out next week during Prairie Pioneer Days. If you are able to help us out it would be greatly appreciated.

    We need volunteers to help out at the information booth, help with clean up and also take tickets at our games. The times we still have open are listed below. If you or someone at your business can help us out, please contact the Chamber Office at 589-1242 or return this email with the times you are available.

    Thank You!


    1-3 p.m. Games (1 person)
    *3-6 p.m. Games (2 people)
    4-6 p.m. Information Booth (2 people)
    Clean up 6- 7 p.m. (4 people)


    *Noon - 2 Games (2 people)
    *2- 3 p.m. Games (2 people)
    4:30 - 6 p.m. Games (2 people)
    *Noon - 2 Information Booth (2 people)
    *2-3 Information Booth ( 2 people)
    4:30 - 6 Information Booth (2 people)
    Clean Up 6 - 7 p.m. (4 People)

    Carolyn Peterson
    Executive Director
    Morris Area Chamber of Commerce & Ag
    507 Atlantic Ave
    Morris, MN 56267
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Web Site:

    *Note: Still in need as of 7/6/04 @1p

    Cultural Arts

    You will probably see this in the PRCA bulletin, but I thought I�d send it along to the board too. I hope many of you will be willing to �sit� in the gallery. The dates are Wednesday, March 30, Thursday, March 31, Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3.

    Also if you know of anyone you think might be especially interested in helping out with this, please let them know!

    Many thanks, Athena

    We are looking for volunteers! We�d like to keep the Rolling Plains Art Gallery open in the evening Wednesday and Thursday, all day Saturday, and in the afternoon Sunday. We can only do this if people volunteer to help. Are you interested in staying in the RPAG for an hour or two any of these days? Many volunteers find this time really interesting and valuable as it gives you an opportunity to really look at the art at your leisure. Please call PRCA if you�re willing to help! 585-5037.

    Athena Kildegaard, Coordinator
    Prairie Renaissance Cultural (Gallery) Alliance
    630 Atlantic Avenue
    Morris, MN 56267

    Sent on Monday, March 14, 2005 1:59 PM: We are lining up volunteers to staff the Rolling Plains Art Gallery after the curator leaves. We have people signed up to work on Wednesday, March 30 from 3 until 8; on Friday from 3 until 5; and Sunday from 2 until 4. We are looking for people to work Thursday, March 31 from 3 until 6 for sure (I think someone will work 6-8 but it is not final); on Saturday from 10 until 4; and on Sunday from 12 until 2. If you�re willing to help out any of these times, just let me know!

    Community Leadership "Seasonal" Opportunities

    From : Cindy Perkins
    Reply-To : UMM Blandin Community Leadership Prog
    Sent : Tuesday, June 7, 2005 1:50 PM
    To :
    Subject : Aquatic Park meeting

    Just wanted to let you all know that after our meeting yesterday there was consensus to move forward with the project.

    We are having our next meeting on Monday, June 13 @ 4:00 at Bank of the West for ANYONE interested in getting an outdoor aquatic center here in Morris.
    **At this meeting we will be talking about campaign strategy and how to best get the wordout -- to educate --the whole community regarding this project.
    **We need as much manpower as we can get so bring a friend, neighbor, relative or anyone you know who wants to be involved in this great opportunity for our town.
    **We will be recommending to the City Council (at their meeting next Tuesday) that they put a referendum question on the August ballot
    Please forward this message to anyone you know who may be interested. Thank you! Hope to see you Monday

  • Blandin Foundation: Community Leadership Retreat: September 13th-17th of 2004, contact Phil Drown on this application form
  • Already DONE!
    *contributing the economic community building!

  • Leadership Morris 2004, register w/fee by October 24th of 2004!
  • Morris Community Ed

    Service Learning/Paid or Volunteering Positions!
    -teach ESL (see teaching "migrant workers"); Also, meeting their specific "needs in the community"
    -TREC Program
    -see add'l list in the flyer posted at the local Morris Public Library or Community Ed. office!

    Prairie Renassaince Cultural Center

    Sent: July 5th
    If you�re willing, come by the Center this Friday (the 9th) at noon and we�ll make short work of folding, taping, labeling, stamping the July newsletters! Many thanks,

    Driving Instructor
    Date: Monday, July 18th 2005
    Hola/Hi everybody,

    Here is a special personal community need I was asked recently by a fairly new resident. Her name is Saundra, who is from the Dominican Republic ... (2001-Mission Trip...., who just moved to Morris last year with her American husband and kid. I met Saundra through the ESL Classes I volunteered at the Morris Area High School this past year. She is looking for someone to take some time to teach her how to drive. For more info and contact, please contact me (Sal) at 585.5573

    P.S. This would be a great opportunity to learn Spanish!


    This is a constant need and if he would like to be in a list to help folks move, contact your local church or me. If you have a pick-up truck or sometype of "moving vehicle", this would be very appreciative. Currently (Tuesday, September 13th of 2005), a UMM student (Daan) is looking for someone with a pick-up truck/moving vehicle to move a couch to his Campus Apartment (H) from the Salvation Army.


    UMM Information: Housing Listings
    (10/04) AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY 2 BR Basememt Downstairs on E. 4th St. (less than a block from campus).Contact Neil at 589.3077 and leave a message

    Lutheran Campus Ministry House
    Summer Openings (3 available rooms)
    $125/month includes utilities
    Academic Year (2 available rooms)
    $900/month includes utilities
    Contact: Sherry Cline 589.4554

    Sent: Saturday, November 3rd of 2007

    "A friend (Victor) of mine is helping a family in Alex to look for a christian (family/individual) to host two of her high school teenagers (both seniors-male and female) while they take Post-secondary classes at UMM during the "dangerous' traveled winter season. The mother is worried about her kids traveling frequently (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays) during the "dangerous" travel between Alex and Morris during the winters. She would feel more safer if her kids could stay at a "host" family/indvidual's housed during these "class" days. If anyone is interested, they can contact Victor by phone (H#320.762.1673 or C#320.808.9801) or e-mail ([email protected]).

    Half-Way House/Shelter

    I know the Salvation Army provides temporary housing for "emergencies" (house fire victims, victims of abuse, etc..)at the Best Western: Prairie Inn. However, it would be nice to have a permanent place for ex-convicts, battered women, run away children/teens, etc... This has been a topic of "need" talk in certain parts of the community.

    Related Links:

  • "Faith-based home near Lake Alice would serve non-violent offenders" from Fergus Falls Journal, Minnesota Monday, July 12, 2004
  • Humanitarian

    Food Shelf:

    Continuous supply of can foods and non-perishable food items locally
    Keys Ministries is looking for food donations to be distributed to hurricane devestated communities in Florida. Items can be dropped off at Alexandria's Pete County Market (via radio 9/27-10/1 on Praise FM 101.5)

    Physical/Material "Necessary" Needs


    -Purpose Drive Life for prison inmates at Appleton, MN; Contact: Neil of Outfitters for Adventure Since: 7/04


    Hello Friends -
    Malek's have TWO requests - fans and dehumidifiers. They live at 810 Arizona Ave, label your stuff, LET'S HELP!! here's the note from Nate:

    Pat, re: basement floooding
    I had the insurance adjuster come by and he said that I needed way more fans than we have going. i also have to cut out exterior walls that got wet, and blow fans at it to get the moisture out quickly. So if you could send out this out as a plea for fans to be dropped by our house it would help out greatly. please if you are droppping off a fan have your Name on it somewhere, with masking tape or something. When this is all done we want to be able to get stuff back to others.
    Thanks nate malek

    ----[malek's] If any one has a dehumidifier they could spare for a week or so it would help out alot to get moisture out of the walls, etc. nate
    Follow-Up Report: Has been provided!

    Garage Sale Miscellanous: FOR SALE:

    +7500 B.T.U. Amana Quiet Cool Air Conditioner $200 (similar picture)
    +Full Sealy Size Bed $200 (final price)
    *Contact Sal at 320.585.5573 or [email protected]
    Follow-up: NO longer for Sale
    -dresser, couch, t.v., or other regular furniture items for a UMM Int'l student and future/current resident(s).

    Household Items:

    -Washing Machine+Dryer (PROVIDED), Oven (current stove/top burner working only), Alarm Clock Radio for single parent family [Requested 6/21/05 on KMRS's 1230 AM Info Please 10:10-10:30 am show); Contact Sal
    +refrigerator for single parent family with low-income; Contact Sal [email protected] Since: 6/21/04
    =>thanks to Stevens County Human Service & Salvation Army for help anonymous donation of refrigerator through KKOK's "Community Please" the same day (7/16/04)!

    Outdoor Activity

    +donated canoes needed (#?) for morning (8:30a-11:30a) Friday, October 15th (2004) for 3rd-4th grade class canoeing "educational" trip at Scandia Lake (northeast of Morris). Also, needed adult volunteers (#?)-one adult for every 2 children (#?) in canoe. Adults are welcome to stay longer in the afternoon for some other activities (no canoes needed). Please meet at the Winkelman's at 18076 430 Ave (go 1 1/2 miles east on hwy 28 and turn left/north on 430 Ave *before County Road 1-"Stop & Smell the Roses" sign) Contact Darcy Winkelman of Morris Elementary School at [email protected] or 320.795.2180


    -good "affordable" gas efficient car (for migrant workers, UMM int'l students, etc..)
    -bike for UMM int'l student-Herman from Ivory Coast

    Volunteers "Part-All Season":

    "33And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even �sinners� do that. 34And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even �sinners� lend to �sinners,� expecting to be repaid in full.."-Luke 6

    -Salvation Army: sort out clothing
    -Morris Senior Center: to serve meals or help elderly with computers
    *for contact information and other listed needs...((click)

    "When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures."-James 4:2

    Who? Alcohol Anonymous Association
    Where? 7 E. 1st St.
    When? M, T, Th, F @8pm; Sa @9am
    Need: Former Alcoholics to share their testimony of how they are currently dealing with their struggle or how they got out of it. This will encourage participants that are currently dealing with alcoholism and to give them hope!
    Contact: Ron or Jeff Mangan

    Who? Big Friend/Little Friend
    Contact: Caroly McCannon of Campus Compact-UMM's Student Center: Student Activities
    Other: One and One discipleship/mentoring/bigbrother&little sister/TREC once a week: Adult-College-High School-Elementary. For example resources=>
    Need: Mature Adults who have a heart to be a friend to a college age, high school, or elementary school student.

    Stevens County Mentoring Program
    (est Fall of 2004)
    -still in the rough draft stages and is looking for support (financial, wisdom, ideas, volunteers, young participants, etc...). Already getting support by Bremer Foundation. Mission: adult mentors to be paired up according to interests, hobbies, etc... of local high school students
    Contact: 'Elaine Simonds-Jaradat' at [email protected]
    For more details, view Stevens County Mentoring Program (1) (2) (3)

    Kinship, making a difference once child a time
    Younglife, college to high school age

    From: "Morris Community Church"
    To: [email protected], [email protected]
    Subject: Announcements 11-18-05
    Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 07:54:03 -0800

    6. Volunteer Needed in Community
    Lutheran Social Service is looking for a male volunteer for the Morris community. An adult senior citizen male would like to have a friendly visitor respite volunteer to visit in their home in Morris once a week so his wife could leave the home and do errands or have an afternoon "off" from the role of constant caregiver. Please call Emily Larson with Lutheran Social Service Caregiver Support and Respite 1-218-862-8000.

    Who? Minnesota Child Care Resource & Referral Network Outreach Office
    Where? 10 East 6th St.
    Contact: (320) 759-3993

    Who?Minnesota Depression & Manic Depression Association
    Where? SCMC Hospital Boardroom Basement
    When? Th @8-9:30p
    Contact: Life Center 320.589.7625
    Need: A person who is overcoming with depression that can give her/his testimony to offer hope of sufferers

    Who? Special Touch Ministries: Serving Developmentally Disabled Youth-Adult
    When? meets the "first Saturday" of every month
    Contact: Jen or Cal Bumgandner 589.8828
    Other: JRG Ministries, Inc-MapleGrove, MN 763.420.4774
    Need: Volunteers to help with activities (arts and crafts, music, games, etc...)

    Who? Stevens County Food Shelf
    When? M @10:30a-11:30a; T @2:30-3:30p; W @5:30p-6:30p; Th 5:30p-6:30p; F @2:30-3:30p
    Where? corner of E. 7th St. & Iowa Ave. (diagonaly across UMM sign)
    Need: Volunteers for an hour or more to handout food

    Who? Morris International Student Network
    Where? Center for International Student-UMM & H.S.
    Contact: Sal [email protected]
    Other: International Student Inc. Need: Anyone who is willing to help international students (both college age and high school age-see International Student Exhange; contact Malinda Ohloft of Barret, MN) with daily living needs to help in their cultural shock transition to America

    Who? Morris Life Care Pregnancy Center: Single/Married Women of all ages
    Where? 601 1/2 California Ave.
    When? M-F
    Contact: Bonnie Wall 320.589.0300/ 1.800.285.0712
    Need: Women to offer support to young women in various ways

    Who? Morris Ride Board Network
    Where? Student Center: Ride Board
    When? ?
    Contact: Sal [email protected]
    Need: A network of willing drivers to take people who don't have a means of transportation to and from
    From : Jacqueline Rhode
    Sent : Monday, May 30, 2005 5:15 PM

    Jackie here sending out an email wondering who all is in Morris for the summer. To update those of you who I haven't talked to in a while, I have been having alot of health problems and they recently diagnosed it as Rheumatiod Arthritis. I have an upcoming appoinment in St. Cloud on Thurs at 1 and am looking for a ride. If you guys can keep me in prayer or can help out it would be much appreciated.
    Maybe we can have a cleaning/IV reunioun party over at my place :) Love you guys tons and bunches and miss you Remember God is good and always here, even when its dark :) In Him always


    Who? Morris Senior Center
    Where? corner of 6th St. & ?
    When? M-F
    Contact: Rita at Morris Senior Center 589.2951
    Need: -volunteers for "Meals on Wheels" to deliver food to senior citizens at their homes from @10:30-11:30am M-F (groups of 3-get your friends to commmit at least one day a week or once this summer!) Also, they are looking for computer enthusiasts to help with their computer work. contact: Rita at Morris Senior Center 589.2951
    Did you know? You can support the Senior Center by buying 50 cents cards for all occasions that are recycled made by them! Check out their card rack in their dining room area!

    Who? Morris Teen Center (CANCELLED after 2002 Summer)
    Where? corner of Columbia Ave. & Green River Rd
    When? Th-S @5-10p
    Contact: Tammy Johnson 589.0088/589.2311
    *Note: Cancelled! (Summer of 2002 only)

    Who? S--? :Battered-Abused Women/Widows
    Where? SEPP (next to Morris Movie Theater bldg)
    Whern? Fridays @8pm
    Contact: ?
    Other: Dwelling Place (Greater MN area based in Twin Cities)[email protected]

    Who? Morris Aglow: Women Ministries
    Where? Best Western Prairie Inn: Cougar Room
    When? once a month
    Needs: Women who love to pray and encourage!

    Who? Salvation Army Thrift Store (of North Divsion-Minnesota)
    When? M-F 9:30a-5p; Sa-9:30a-3p
    Where? 623 EAST 7TH STREET, MORRIS MN 56267 (across Laundromat)
    Contact: Mike 589.0483
    Need: Help is very much needed on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but open other days
    Special Events: Annual Trip to Twins Game at the Metrodome (Free bus ride & admission)
    *Thanks for sponsoring this annual trip (Twins 7 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5 on 7/22/04)

    Possible Bussiness Venture

    Who? Website Builders
    When? Whatever Time Availabe
    Where? anywhere that has internet hook-up
    Contact: Sal's Homepage Business
    Need: All types of web designers (basic/advance html, java script, etc...)

    Please contact me (Sal) of any needs, praise reports/ways we are blessed, announcements, prayer requests, etc... not listed here or questions about what is mentioned above:

    P.O. Box 92
    Morris, MN
    H# 320.585.5573
    C# 651.338.2929
    [email protected]



  • La Fave House, special UMM guests
  • Ethnic

    Jose's Burritos, Mexican eatery in the second floor of City Centre Mall
    La Tienda, right by Bremer Bank on Atlantic Avenue (Main Street) that just opened on June of 07'



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  • Service: a way of life for UMM graduate David Nelson '06 Posted by Judy Korn on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2006 (UMM Profile)

  • "David Nelson �06 ponders the phrase �giving back,� then thoughtfully resolves that the expression doesn�t describe his motivation for serving. Giving back� implies that one could be paid in full, then all need to serve would be erased. That�s not what he has in mind. �Volunteering for me is a lifelong responsibility, a life style,� he says.
    Nelson, a native of Rapid City, S.D., already has an impressive history of volunteerism and service. After high school, he served with an Americorp National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. He and fellow team members completed service projects throughout the Southeast region of the United States.
    When Nelson arrived at UMM, he sought out opportunities to be a fully participatory member of the UMM community and the Morris community. One of his first experiences was visiting Alzheimer patients in the nursing home for the service-learning component of a creative writing class. Nelson, an English major, and fellow students composed short stories and poems based on their conversations with patients.
    Nelson served as UMM's service learning intern organizing community service, community-based research and civic engagement activities that fulfill course requirements. A two-year student coordinator for Community Service and Volunteerism in the Office of Student Activities, Nelson led by example, encouraging students to become involved. His responsibilities included planning events, managing projects, organizing public relations and fundraising. Two of his most memorable projects were the tsunami relief drive in 2004 and the 2005 Hurricane Katrina Benefit, a campus, community, regional partnership, that he co-organized. Nelson notes, �Students receive an incredible amount of experience and first-hand knowledge by being engaged.�
    During the 2003-04 academic year, Nelson completed a directed study in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he spearheaded a �Student Life Project.� The grassroots endeavor introduced the concept of curriculum-based volunteerism and service learning at St. Petersburg State University.
    Volunteering beyond the campus helped him �find a place in a small community,� shares Nelson. For two years, he met with a gentleman through the Lutheran Social Services respite caregiver program. A cherished UMM project was organizing the Adopt a Grandparent program. �Applying energy and efforts in so many positive ways builds on itself,� says Nelson, �and it comes back to me. I feel like I�m part of this community.�
    A 2006 President�s Volunteer and Service Award recipient, recognized by U.S. President George W. Bush, Nelson continues his life of service as a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Midcoast Maine in Damariscotta. Following his VISTA service, Nelson plans to attend the School for International Training in Vermont to pursue a master of arts in sustainable development. The program prepares students for careers with organizations dedicated to equitable sharing and sustaining of the world�s resources, and to be interculturally effective leaders, professionals and citizens.

    *This cool-guy actually was a co-worker of mine at Ravenwood Home>!



  • Cougar Hill, which is located behind the elementary school

  • *go sledding, snowboading, etc..


  • Don's Cafe
  • Old No. 1
  • Videos

    Mo-Town Booty

    "This is basically really random video from Morris"


    From : Nicole Ly
    Sent : Thursday, May 19, 2005 3:08 PM

    Hey Folks,

    Progressive MN has 5-10 internship positions open for the summer and/or fall. Since 2001 the Hmong community's involvement in the civic and political process has dramatically increased! The next two years are critical for our continued involvement in order to lead Minnesota towards being an even better place for our Hmong Community to live, work and play!

    I know that YOU are already incredibly involved in one form or another in the Hmong community, so these internship positions are a way for you to get news folks to take action and other folks to do more! This is an opportunity for leadership development while working in our own community.

    Please distribute far and wide. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call or email. Thanks so much!

    Nicole Ly [UMM Alumn]
    Hmong Community and Political Organizer
    Progressive Minnesota
    2484 University Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55114


    Humanitarian Supply Help in Florida's devastated Hurricane "hard-hit" aftermath area from Nov 13th-24th of 2004 with Keys Ministries (based in Glenwood). Contact Steve
    *listened to this request on 10/27/04 through Praise FM KCGN 101.5 FM


    Financial Need: Adoptions/Orphans
    From : Pastor Sunil
    Sent : Monday, December 6, 2004 9:50 PM
    To : "Salvador Cruz" Subject : Blessings

    Thank you Sal:)

    Greetings from India...

    Also Can ask you some thing, do you have a heart for the 'Orphans and Widows', Our nation is very poor and more than 80 percent of them live thatched huts and in them nearly 40 percent of them very poor and they survive only when they work every day, We have taken about 35 poor orphan children and 18 old widow ladies and helping them the best way we can now and then as God is enabling us. Since Christmas is around We prayerfully thought about a small programme for them that is before Christmas we are planning to set a day of retreat for them where we give them some good food and new clothes for all of them, and show them the love of Christ in practical way. I had some money of my own which I kept for this purpose, but we are lacking some more money which is around 350 American dollars, We have been honestly praying every day for this, that God would provide the necessary resources. I am not projecting this to get some money out of you for my own personal usage, by the grace of God I have enough for me and for my family I honestly doing for this for the 'Orphan children and Widows' only, If you think of any help for them please do so.

    God bless
    I am sending the photographs as a attachment files reply soon, tell me openly about your feelings
    Your friend in Christ
    Pastor Sunil Bommala

    Asian Tsunami 04 Relief Info
    Contact: Carol McCannon of UMM Campus Compact-share your ideas on fundraisers!

    Archive of Past Events

  • Xtreme Tour 2008, at the Morris Area High School
  • See You at the Party 2000, at the Regional Fitness Center
  • Annual Community Events

  • Christmas Medallion Hunt, winners of 2007
  • Horticulture Night, July of 2007
  • Kiwanis Talent Show, 4 weeks in June every summer at East Side Park
  • Lights Parade, the week before Thanksgiving Day in November
  • Picnic in the Park, usually the Saturday before the first day of classes at UMM towards the end of August
  • Prairie Pioneer Days, 3-day weekend (2nd weekend of July) event
  • Stevens County Fair, personal report from 2007 with pictures too!
  • Tree Planting, from Design Morris
  • University of Minnesota-Morris Homecoming Parade
  • -Hosting

  • Hershey's Track & Field District Competition, at UMM/MASH Track every 3rd Saturday of June
  • 101 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Volunteers
    "Volunteers are the life-blood of many organizations and businesses. If you use volunteers, you depend upon their passion and commitment to get much of your work done. But utilizing volunteers is much more than making an appeal and then giving assignments to those who show up. They need to know they are a valued part of your business or organization. And they need to be appreciated and cared for, even as you appreciate and care for your staff. This book offers you 101 ways to show appreciation to your volunteers - that's part of keeping them. We also offer tips on recruitment, placement, management, and retention of these very special people."
    *With God's help!

    Thank you for visiting GoodnewsMorris! Please feel free to e-mail me (Sal) at [email protected] on any comments, suggestions (e.g. any new websites),complaints, or anytype of feedback to improve this website.

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