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    Are We "Legal"?


    What Is Your Stand On The Issues?
    (A) On Abortion, Contraception, Birth Control (Click here);
    (B) On Divorce, Marriage, And/Or Sexual Preference (Click here);
    (C) On Recreational Substances, Pornography (Click here)
    (D) On Taxation (Click here)
    (E) On National Defense, Civil Defense, On Weapons Ownership (Click here)
    (F) On Gambling (Click here)
    (G) On Religion, On Tax Exempt Status (Click here)

    Special Note: On The Absurdity of (Micronational) War ...

    On Abortion, Contraception, Birth Control

    - According to the CODEX REX, in the Princiiples of Care: TorHavn shall establish: the right of every citizen of the Realm to self-determination as regards the length of thie life and the time and method of their dying; the right of every female citizen to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, as a medical procedure; This includes the use of contraception & birth control (since many who do not support a woman's right of choice consider these "abortion before the fact").

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    On Divorce, Marriage, Sexual Preference

    - Divorce is legal, since not all marriagess are done in foresight.

    - Marriages that are considered non-traditiional (polygamous, same-sex, etc.) shall be registered as "Domestic Partner Compacts" (DPC) and are given the same full legal representation and responsibility as a conventional marriage does in our Realm. All such relationships shall be called Partnering. All parties of this Compact (as with a traditional marriage) involved must file pre-nuptual agreements before the Partnering Compact can be granted.

    - The legal age of Partnering is 18 years ((legal age of adulthood is fifteen [15] years), to ensure that stability in the relationship. However, two [or more, see above] prospective Partners can live together after adulthood and before the Compact is granted, so long as pre-"nuptial" agreements are already registered with the Crown.

    - Consentual relationships between legal addults of any gender are legal within Our Realm.

    - Anyone seeking marriage, a DPC, a separattion and/or divorce must first agree to two personal meetings with a licensed peer counselor, to ensure that such an important step is never undertaken without due process or forethought.

    - Sexual preference is a non-issue in TorHaavn: no one at all get preferential treatment over any other --- gender identity, class where it is earned, as above), gender/sex, sexual "preference" (this means straight over gay or vice versa!), race, religion, etc. etc. etc. ...

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    On "Recreational" Substances, Pornography

    - The private use of alcohol, tobacco and ccannabis is legal for those who have reached the age of adulthood (15 years).

    - Substances which are possibly addictive bby vicarious ingestion or exposure may not be used in a public place, except where all parties have agreed to its use (say, for example, in a smoking bar or restaurant where all smoke or "participate"). Street usage is disallowed for this reason.

    - So-called "hard drugs" may also be legal,, but their sale will be restricted and heavily taxed, and all users must (a) reach the age of adulthood, and (b) register with local medical authorities. Also: any crimes, damages, or anything committed of similar ilk are considered the responsibility of the individual who does these things while "under the influence".

    -The possession of pornographic materials iis legal among adults, but its sale and display shall be restricted & taxed (as are all luxiries). The sale, possession, importation and distrubution of sexually explicit materials depicting minors is strictly prohibited.

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    On Taxation
    - A National Sales Tax shall be establishedd instead of a Personal Income Tax.

    - No property tax shall be charged except oon real estate or real property.

    - A luxury tax shall also be established too encourage "green buying", voluntary simplicity & to stimulate the local economy.

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    On National Defense, Civil Defense
    On Weapons Ownership

    - On the subject of civil & national defensse, no one is exempt at all. The Crown shall be the one who shall determine who is to serve, how and why ---

    - Should military service (combat) be objeccted to, such must be registered with the Crown. In that case: non-military service (forestry, construction, medical service, etc.) can be made available. However, five days of National Defense training is required of all citizens, both native-born and naturialized.

    - According to the CODEX REX, the First Priinciple of Defense states that an individual has every right to defending oneself, so long as such defense does not violate the most basic principles of our nation's belief, by the ownership of, training in, and responsible usage of such weapons that DO NOT go beyond personal self-defense or hunting, but are only in honour and in open conflict, when deemed necessary. Such interpretation of proper usage is as is Judged so by the Crown.

    - The Second Principle of Defense states thhat, in times of peace, our militia shall consist only of citizens of the Realm, who "must" become as well-schooled as possible in the art of defense and who shall each defend their nation as personified by their own self. In addition, all citizens of the Realm shall serve on a rotating basis, as necessary, on a peacekeeping force designed both to protect the land and its citizens, and to assist visitors to our Fair Land.

    - In times of need (defense of peoperty, ouur borders or honour, or war within or abroad or of allies), each citizen of TorHavn shall contribute to Our defense or to that of Our allies and/or friends, to the maximum of their capacity.

    - The private ownership of firearms is permmitted, but extremely discouraged as such weapons do not require close contact, and are (almost never) used only as a hunting weapon or of self-defense (as bows, staves or bladed weapons are). Such ownership requires firearms training as well as liability insurance & paid registration with the Crown. Such application must state the reasons for such ownership.

    - All firearm owners must be willing to ansswer to any call to the National Defense at any time.

    - "Concealed carry" permits (to legally carrry a loaded firearm on one's person in public) can only be granted by the Crown.

    - Private standing armies are prohibited (bbaronies, duchies, etc.). for all militias must operate as an official Crown-appointed function of the jurisdiction they protect.

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    On Gambling

    - Legal adults may wager openly on professiional sporting events at registered wagering offices. Casino gambling is also legal, but independent gambling machines (ie: video poker machines in shopping centers or the town center) are prohibited.

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    On Religion
    On Tax-Exempt Status

    - All religious organizations must registerr with the Crown in order to qualify for tax-exempt status (should such be established within this Realm).

    - According to the CODEX REX, in the Princiiples of Religious & Spiritual Practices: To wit: there is no official religion of TorHavn, but:

    - Any religious body (whether organization,, church, etc.) shall petition for and receive official sanction to officially practice within the borders of Our Realm, and:

    - Any religious body that proselytizes in aan aggressive and/or offensive manner to members of another religious persuasion shall have their official sanction revoked, and owes recompense to the offended party. Otherwise, any individual or group has the inalienable and inviolable right to practice any religion within the borders of TorHavn, so long as Item #1 and Item #2 are not violated.

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    On The Absurdity of War

    As We have said, a true warrior does not fight war --- for war is mass destructive, ant-farm fighting, which neither promotes nor supports any kind of honor, respect for friend or foe, and usually does NOT support the principles that real warriors fight for.

    In the macronational world, some nation-states & countries feel they must make it necessary to fight (a) war(s) "..... for wealth, for land," the god replies, "for life, for freedom, or [some king's] lies." (From Leslie Fish: "The Sun Is Also A Warrior"). But, since, in Our considered opinion, only an actual "state" (as was defined earlier within this series of questions) can wield enough power to conduct warfare, the Crown shall regard a physical war between micronations as an enormous improbability, and view any claim to the contrary as absolute nonsense.

    Therefore, as does Our First Friend, Corvinia, We feel that a declaration of war within the intermicronational community can only be regarded as one of the following ----

    (Yet) Another way of (formally) declaring a nation's establishment of outright, extreme emnity (with another nation-state), or:

    A (sure) sign that the nation making this statement neither understands nor (yet) has learned the "state" of micronationalism, or:

    A mere jest (ed. note: why is this fun? Funny?), or a "game".

    The ONLY acceptable "version" of "war" shall be that of a "diversion": as the S.C.A. does (such as the "Burro Creek War"). In this context, this would simply be a physical exercise (a "friendly" game of "sandbox" or "king of the hill"). TorHavn, as a practitioner of such for practice or to "play" thus, certainly has no objections to a "friendly" joust or "capture the flag" (so long as it really does remain "friendly").

    And as such, the Crown will disregard any other instance of "inter- micronational war" as the stupidity that it truly is,

    Many micronations renounce war in its MOST "common" sense, i.e. an exertion of physical force against another nation, mostly due to impractibility (although one might consider its being highly unethical and messy, not even mentioning how expensive war is). The usual method of micronational war is practiced by some nations by the use of what people from "outside" might think delusional babbling about non-existent armies and their troop movements. This we renounce, ridicule, and generally ignore whenever encountered.

    On the other hand, We do recognise that hostility between nations occur and do not deny the existence of this phenomenon. Because mere physical distance prevents the "traditional war", what remains is what one mictronational minister has called "information warfare" and "diplomatic measures". The former includes disruption of communication lines, and internet site(s), and the latter attempts to transfer ones own attitude (usually through some form of guilt) to other micronations.

    We renounce most forms of the former (such as web site hacking & list/board spamming as far too damaging to our reputation & cause. TorHavn regards such methods as internet terrorism and the costs to that micronation's reputation and good standing outweigh whatever gains any might garner. For that reason we support the treaty for repudiation of espionage, which expressively forbids infiltration of micronations under assumed names.

    To TorHavn, the only permissible way of conducting micronational "war" consists in using diplomacy, by attempting public defamation and diplomatic isolation of offending micronations. Fortunately, most of TorHavn's allies & friends believe similarly, for which We are grateful.

    AND, REGARDLESS: if a nation We have recognized (either unilaterally or bilaterally) engages in "war" with any nation also of Our acquaintance, the Kingdom of TorHavn shall immediately consider that this nation has violated the conditions for Recognition and immediately cease any and all diplomatic relations with same (especially if it is not obvious from Our observation that this is done in "mere" jest).

    ALSO: Actual hostile actions against the Viridian Crown's Internet presence will be regarded as a violation of macronational law, and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

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