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    Kasimir Diana I, Regina is of Viking, Polish & Irish beginnings and harkens her birthright to the blood brother of Eric the Red of Nordic fame. Currently, she works on the order desk of a technical bookstore, and labors with the web site at all other times ("I have no life"). Born on December 12, 1954, Kasimir Diana has always thought that the warrior nature of her birth sign was particularly appropriate.

    Kasimir Diana (as I. Kasimir Hunter) lives in Southern California with her life-partner of fifteen years (with their family of Ambyre's sister Lucy and niece Anna ... and the dog (named "Chakka" or dancer) ... and Lucy's cat Khamir ("Noble Prince").

    She loves all things medieval, dogs & wolves, reading science fiction & fantasy, fencing, both classical renaissance & country-western music, fighting for human rights & women's rights (& sparring, period), She hates lying & dishonour of any sort ("with a purple, royal, passion!"), the denial of rights to any person, and often oversteps herself in her fervor to defend what she considers important.

    Ambyre Maria I, Regina is of Nordic, Scots, Irish & German blood, and claims her royal birthright by being the great-granddaughter of one of the last Kaiser's third cousins. She now works mundanely as the web designer for the same technical bookstore, and as a free-lance HTML designer. Born October 4, 1965, Ambyre Maria has always strive to live up to the symbolism of her astrological sign of Libra, preferring balance in all things.

    Ambyre Maria (as Mary Amber Jorgensen) owns a half-wolf dog named "Chakka" (which means dancer), and lives with the Co-Monarch & life- partner of fifteen years, as well as her sister Lucy and Lucy's daughter, Anna (and Khamir, the house cat).

    She loves any music except Rock, dinosaurs, faeries, books & movies about science fiction, vampires, werewolves, and playing Dungeons & Dungeons, her lifemate and her dog Chakka. She hates strip mining, clear cutting, the petroleum industry (in general), wasteful people & "planned obsolescence."

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