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    Are We "Legal"?


    Noble titles are NOT for sale. They must be earned by personal achievement, or by service to the Crown.

    While we will not give baronies or duchies until there is land, knighthoods may be applied for & earned. Any citizen may achieve knighthood by exemplifying the virtues or attributes of that particular Order of Knighthood.

    Citizens must apply for knighthood either in person or in writing (or email), BUT: they may also be invited by the Equestres Primus (or First Knight) of that particular Order. Click here for a listing of the Orders of Knighthood.

    The members of the Order of the Vermillion Blade are collectively considered the "Sword" of the Realm. Currently, the designation of Warrior Prime in the Order of the Vermillion Blade is held by the one Monarch who best reprresents the qualities of the Warrior's Way: Kasimir Diana, Regina.

    The Knights of the Viridian Shield are collectively thought of as the "Shield" of the Kingdom The designation of Shieldbearer Prime in the Order of the Viridian Shield is held by the one Monarch who so extremely portrays the best traits of Earth Protector (note: some of this last Order may, instead, be titled a Knight of the Viridian Blade, especially if their contribution to the Mother's protection be more of a martial nature ... such as belonging to Earth First!, painting fluorescent paint on harp seals, etc.)

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