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    Are We "Legal"?


    What Does TorHavn Support & Stand For?
    What are your principles?; As a warrior nation?; As a "green country"? As a monarchy? As a micronation in general?
    The basic principles behind TorHavn are as follows:

  • The return to the chivalry, grace and pagentry of the legendary monarchies of the medieval period, without the oppression, hardships and ignorance of their reality.
  • A Nobility that is based on accomplishment, service and merit, instead of wealth and influence.
  • A return to education that is based on tutoring and experience, and not by the "usual, modern, methods" that continue to fail. Students shall be taught to learn, not engage in meaningless memorization.
  • That the arts and local craftsmanship shall be brought to and kept at the highest standards allowable by the human heart.
  • Our economy shall be based on the principles of sustainable consumption, and the bartering of goods & services for the same whenever possibile.
  • The decision of each person to accept the "blame": full accountability for their actions, as well as the effects and repricussions of their actions. This is why TorHavn advocates & supports the use of non-lethal dueling & challenges to answer for "wrongs committed."
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    ** As a warrior nation? **

    This is a most difficult concept to defend or explain.

    When WE speak of being a warrior, we are NOT discussing the perpetuation of war itself. A warrior does not fight war --- for war is mass-destructive, ant-farm fighting, which neither promotes nor supports any kind of honor, respect for friend or foe, and usually does NOT support the principles that real warriors fight for.

    A warrior is someone willing to defend their honour, beliefs, territory, friends, family, lovers & themselves against opposition, and by force if necessary --- and who DOES NOT BELIEVE in the use of overabundant odds in the performance of this defense.

    In preparing for this, TorHavn believes in every Citizen keeping fit, and in all individual citizens knowing how to defend themself by force if attacked by force. We will go on the defensive if faced with an overt threat. But we are NOT acquisitive, nor offensive.

    In truth: TorHavn is much like a wolf, who protects his own, or the family dog, who never bites unless his beloved family is endangered. That is the true definition of "warrior".

    The root word of "warrior" is NOT "war.

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    ** As a "green country"? **

    From Ambyre Maria I, Regina & Minister of Ecology:

    Many times, government has sworn itself to the protection of the environment, and then found it politically expedient to do otherwise. Many times, business has sworn itself to not pollute and protect the envrionment, and has found it profitable to break that promise. We will allow neither political expediency nor profit to dictate to us how we treat the environment. The Earth is our Mother, and we will protect Her before we think of politics or profit.

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    ** As a monarchy? **

    Regrettably, we are not allowed the privilege of joining most monarchist groups, since we are not a "real"monarchy. Regardless of that fact, we highly and extremely support monarchy (whether absolute or constitutional) as THE best government in the world. And, although we recognize the fact that other forms of governing the masses are preferred by other micronations, still do we praise & extoll the virtues of monarchy over all others, and would have no other .....
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    ** As a micronation in general?**

    At this time, Torhavn does NOT claim any territory not already claimed by another nation, state or country ...

    Why is this so (when most others do)? Because, for now, our cyber status is enough, and because we do not wish to be in conflict with any currently existing macro-nation. We are also of the opinion that Chaos and the fragile state of society will eventually (soon) erupt and unravel. When the land we are interested in is available to us, we shall immediately act in that moment of chaos.

    In the meantime, TorHavn will act as the S.M.O.M. does as a sovereign entity without land --- in the assurance that people will see our ideals and respect us for them. And, when we can, we will buy land and show ourselves to be the ultimate in "green" economies, not just by word --- but by deed.

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