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    Are You Crazy or Deadly Serious?

    I guess it all depends whether you consider sovereignty a crazy concept. Sometimes a person (or group) which considers itself VERY serious is thought "loco" by everyone else.

    I guess the major difference between TorHavn and most other micronations is that we NEVER considered what we were doing entertainment (although we were often entertained by events and circumstances which brought us to this place. We know how to have fun, but maybe it's all just too serious. Dishonour, racism, ecological waste, or other "activities" of such ilk are NEVER funny.

    When we or the Mother are dishonoured, we stop laughing, throw back our cloaks, and expose our blades to the bright sunlight, ready to "fix" the problem if need be (sometimes our bright blades' display is enough).

    Also: we are also quite serious about becoming an intentional community, where "green living" is the norm, rather than the exception, and where teaching self-sufficiency, self-defense, & how to live with honour is "normal".

    Whatever we must do, we shall. If all we "can do" is live on the land and protect it from all foes, and no more, then should we manage to protect Her, we shall all count ourselves as having served the Mother very well indeed.

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