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    Are We "Legal"?


    What does your flag look like???
    The flag is of an older, almost Norse, tradition, based on a shield designed by both Monarchs of the Kingdom, which has been placed on a field of green, so signify the Earth-Mother which We protect. Click here to see it as drawn by one of Our allies: the Kigndom of Bahoudii.

    And what about your Constitution?
    Being an absolute Monarchy, TorHavn has no consititution. Instead, the laws of the Kingdom are defined by what we call the Codex Rex, or "King's Code," which may be appended by ammendments or addenda, either by any citizen of the Realm, or by Royal decree. This Code is unique in that there are also certain Principles, which may never be changed nor struck down, that define the attitude of the Kingdom (such as one for the support of personal space, the Unknown Principle, so that nothing is "written in stone").

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