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    Are We "Legal"?


    Who Rules Here?
    We have been defined as an elective diarchy --- even though the method of "election" is not by popular vote nor councilors' decision, but by "test & trial." We have been reliably informed that our system is much like other nations which count ability & strength as the deciding factor in monarchial selection.

    The "world's first 'green' country" is ruled by twin Monarchs: who each separately and together administer the executive, legislative and judicial duties of the Crown. One Monarch is traditionally the Warrior of the Realm, and the other is (again, traditionally) the Protector: together serving as the Sword & Shield of TorHavn.

    And why two? There might be many reasons, but for one, we quote from the movie "Man in the Iron Mask" (1972): "Is there no one I can trust?" (from Phillip). To which Louise (the "love interest") replies: "No. You are a king.". It is a potent and timely observation.

    The founders of this nation have observed that many (other) people feel that a "check & balance" system is needed against (the fear of) a despotic or tyrannical Monarch. On a positive note, if ever one Monarch be indisposed, then there might always be someone capable of wielding the Viridian Blade of the Realm: to protect both the Mother and the people of the Kingdom.

    And why the word Viridian (what DOES it mean, anyway)? Viridian means green in color: a deep, near forest green or even turquoise. Our use of the word, Viridian, refers to the ecological stance that We, as a nation, have taken.

    And why does each Monarch (seem to) have two first names? Why the name of Skyhunter for the TorHavn royal line? Because TorHavn is a highly symbolic micronation and concept, as witness:

    Each Monarch, upon Investiture, uses both his or her first (or birth) name, and for his/her royal name, any that honours or celebrates either (a) a famous person (especially another Monarch) with whom that Monarch identifies (Eleanor [Roosevelt], Albert [Einstein], etc.,) or (b) a deity (god/goddess) which that Monarch finds particularly empowering (Diana, Cernunnos, Hecate, Freya, Odin, etc.) as a symbol of all that is important to him or her.

    In addition, every Co-Monarch adopts the name of Skyhunter, in honour of Our national bird, the Peregrine, to signify the height of our aspirations. Finally, each Monarch affixes either Rex (if male) or Regina (when female) to their royal name.

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